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  1. Did he not score a sweet lob volley from just outside the box at CR in the same season (92-93)? I can''t remember the oppo though.
  2. I think both would raise the bar in terms of innate quality. It is also likely that they are only going to develop further given their age. In addition, whilst I appreciate the initial outlay would be significant I can only see these two providing a sound financial return as and when they are sold on, barring a career threatening injury. This could be a rare opportunity to acquire youngsters with genuine talent at what would still be a relatively low sum when compared with the wider transfer market.
  3. I think the two key points are 1, make sure we''re ready in August, signing Ashton pre-season would have kept us up. 2, sign players that are hungry to play for NCFC not those in the autumn of their careers looking for a bit of a pay day. Sounds obvious and clearly easier said than done.
  4. What has Wes done to upset Trappatoni? If ROI have 6+ better midfielders than him I''d like to know who they are.
  5. It would be a massive shame not to fill the ground given the extra capacilty that has been added and the fact that the game is the curtain raiser for the entire football league. Also, if Watford is categorised as a grade A game there can''t be many games that will be grade B.
  6. I am probably in the minority but I for one wouldn''t mind at all if he left.  He did ok last year but didn''t pull up any trees.  In my opinion he is an average to good League 1 player who has shown in the past that he is not a stand-out performer in the Championship.
  7. The area around the ground is a complete dump and there are no nice pubs to drink in.  Drink in the London Bridge area.  You are only a few minutes away from the ground by train and trains leave LB every 5 mins
  8. Shack is Back, If you genuinely believe that to be the case you should send an e-mail to McNally.  It can''t do any harm.
  9. FAO: Yellow Rider - who do you think appointed McNally you cretin?  To think that there are STILL fans out there who just can''t construct a coherent argument.
  10. 1st Wazzock - We all have our opinions and one of mine is that you''re a complete tit.  Could you please explain what it is that Mick Dennis has said to suggest that he is "undoubtedly scum of the earth"?  There are people that genuinely deserve that designation and I would venture that MD is probably not one of them Jarabe - Get over yourself.  Do you think you''re the only one who lives outside of Norwich and has a season ticket?  I do not know Mick Dennis from Adam but the man has clearly stated that he has supported City for over 30 years and pays (yes pays) to watch them up and down the country.  Your comment that he is a ''freebie fan'' who is not interested in the best interests of the club only serves to demonstrate the measure of petty ignorance.  Here''s a tip - if you have nothing sensible to say then don''t say anything. This board is over-run with people who happily post any old nonsense as though it were substantiated fact where in reality there isn''t the merest basis in fact.  People need to grow up and get a life.
  11. I am the Big Man to which ob1 refers and I can promise you hand on heart that I started that chant.  It got a mention in The Times and Nuts magazine.
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