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  1. It just makes me love Paul Lambert a little bit more, which I didn''t think was possible.
  2. MOTD really is p*ss poor these days. It manages to make the Football League Show look good. Shearer is just a joke, he''s never said anything insightfull or of interest... ever!
  3. [quote user="City1st"]"If they do then they should have got on the season ticket list a few years ago when we were in league 1." I wonder how many of them won''t be on the list come next summer, how many of those ''die hard fans'' will be ''bitching'' when their prices become ''realistic''. Of course the club is going to maximise the income but I have to wonder where those who got on the list were before they ''got on the list''. The presumption that you are not a supporter because you do not have a season ticket is a nonsense as much as it is offensive. Most of the lads I knocked about at games in the 70''s and 80''s no longer go, not through financial reasons but simply that the heart of the club seems to have been ripped out of it. Where there was once passion and a grasp of the game there is now happy clappies there for the experience. That experience used to be in the pub before the game, talking about the game and lord knows what else. The experience is now whatever the club puts on before the game. The experience is a tacky choreographed waving of outsized flags rather than the spontaneous exuburence of celebration tthat the last home game always was. The experience is now having wretched piped music blasted out at various stages in the game to let the happy clappies now what is happening. Fine, things change. But change the nature of the game too much and when the razzamatazz goes, when it is just football again don''t be too suprised when the happy clappies move unto the next experience and those who were there for the football are no longer there either.[/quote]Well said City1st! These prices are really taking the p*ss. It''s no suprise though, nearly every game last season was Grade A. I hope prices are reduced by the same percentage when we''re back in the championship.The pubs with the right satellite dishes will be doing a roaring trade next season I think!
  4. The Zenit one is Portsmouth ''92, intut?
  5. Apparently McVeigh is back in the squad!
  6. I think that video might be my favourite thing ever. Watched it 5 times now.
  7. Not sure about the collar at first, but I''m starting to like it the more I see it. The promotional video is hilarious! Wessi on a Vespa, ha!
  8. Mark Bright is by some distance the worst pundit in the history of football. His total ignorance about the subject he is somehow paid to talk about is breathtaking. He just babbles on incoherently most of the time and his “insights” are usually met with total silence.
  9. They''re just a small town in Birmingham. Imagine how cr*p it must be to support them, since being relegated from the Prem 10 years ago they''ve done absoluely nothing. Never even got close to the play-offs.
  10. Can you polish that trophy for us, we need it for the civic reception on Tuesday. Ta.
  11. I’ve heard a whisper that the Norfolk Cup Final has been postponed again so we can have our parade/civic reception. That is all.
  12. I watched the Swansea game at the Jubilee in Thorpe Hamlet. It''s a great little pub, but there''s the problem -little. A great atmosphere (even though we lost) but standing room only.
  13. At least we don''t sign players with dodgy registrations and then try to cover it up.
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