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  1. Peter Grant is continuing to rebuild the side by loaning out a number of players and I have every confidence that next week there will be more signings either on loan or permanent. He picked up a dead duck of a team and I believe will turn things around. He is 110% committed to this club and is putting in the hours to do the job.He is spending more time with the Accadamy, even going to watch them play away which is far more than NW ever did. He lives and breathes this club and whilst results have not been good so far he will deliver. The CE and Board need to seriously look at their performance and where they have left this club after promotion. We were all told how we had planned for all possibilities including relegation from the premier league. So where is this planning now, great words have been spoken by the CE and others but the reality is that PG has picked up a pig. I believe he will turn things round but the future of the CE and his cronies must be scrutinised. Any private sector business would have sacked the CE by now, he may or may not be a nice guy who answers e-mails but he is paids a lot of our money to deliver and the evidence shows failure. Give Grant the time he needs, he will end up being a saviour for us.
  2. Give us a bit more of your undoubted wisdom on the cynical season ticket scam, and also your views on how we should have used the land assets. Loses its sence of place is also an interesting one, a little bit of knowledge is very dangerous thing, a little bit of brain can be even worse! 
  3. ronbol, I have read your posts in the past and totally dismissed them as being an extreme view. Recently I have begun to appreciate where you are coming from a bit more, but your latest post displays a very shallow and hugely bigotted point of view which I have difficulty spelling but unfortunately have little difficulty understanding. Your blanket dismissal of Marshall is a no brainer, literally.
  4. My maths is not too strong on a Sunday afternoon but it would be interesting to sit down with  a sheet of paper and work out how much our current sqad is worth now, compared to what they cost. I`m sure you will correct me on the figures as I cant be bothered to check  I think Hughes, cost £500k  worth probably £50k Robinson cost £50k worth probably £10k plus 5000 Nectar points Thorne cost a bomba, worth  absolutely nothing Louis John  cost a fair bit plus medical "on costs" mainly valued now for medical research....£20 per session Dion cost I think nothing, bought as a last minute stocking filler, worth his weight in gold Gallagher cost ?  worth nothing but plays a piano and sings with his eyes shut, some value in a peep show Doc cost £300k? started life with us as a striker, soon found his true position, admired by opposing teams for generous lapses and indeed scoring them the odd goal. Brown, cost c£300k, unknown potential but currently being persued by the Bang Bus Anyway thats enough, add a few more!
  5. I didnt hear the interview but the stevie wonder line isn`t bad. I dont know if I am a Grant supporter or not yet, unfortunately I am begining to err on the down side. He did in fairness pick Gallagher out as a weakness when he watched us play at QPR before he even took up the job. He got a new keeper in straight away and a lot of people were surprised. Shame we still have Gallagher in goal and that Camp has gone. I guess we are still after him  
  6. wE lOvE yOU pAUL mCvEIgH Not anymore son. I hope we dont see you on the pitch at Carrow Road again. When you went off I hope it was for good. You are disgrace. You had great support at this club from the fans and from the management and you have pi.s.d it up the wall. Preening your pathetic hair do and looking 100% disinterested may have impressed Grant on the training pitch but it does not impress me in a match. Why or how you have ended up like this I dont know and I dont care, we pay good money to watch you, you are supposed to be a Pro. go out and try working for a living you posing pillock!! YOU SUM UP OUR PERFORMANCE TODAY   
  7. Drowny I think that just about sums it up. Unfortunately we do not have and as far as I can see are unlikely to have a big money backer in the near future. Some money has clearly been made available this window, lets just hope it`s not based on expected income from Ernie.I personally think he will stay, albeit dispite whats going on rather than because of it. There are a few posters on here who have a childlike view of the world and write and probably behave as such.Unfortunately they are begining to dominate the boards, thats probably because other people cant be bothered or are too fed up to post themselves. As for the extreme negative views, they just become more predictable and self defeating but fine if they want to continue. I suspect that there are more than a few scum fans lurking behind those posts.There are some who have clearly followed City in the past and like to wax lyrical about the good old days, but it would seem no longer go to matches, hate the chairman, hate the board, hate most of the other fans who post positive messages on here and also hate most of the players. With that set of opinions it`s hard to call yourself a fan. Grant is stuck with what he has got, Chadwick should prove to be a very good signing, as for Brown time will tell. Hopefully this well spell the end for Thorn, and the financial drain he puts on the Club.Brown will undoubtedly benefit from being around Dion but I cant see any prospect of instant success.  I am dissapointed with the financial position. We were led to believe that when we went into the Premiership we had made proper contractual arrangements with the players so that if we were relegated we could deal with the wage bill. That doesnt seem to have come true and we are saddled not only with high wage bills but also paying quality wages for some journeymen players 
  8. LETS BE HONEST We have a great fan base We boo at half time if the performance is not good We boo more at full time The new manager tells us the effect that has on the players, he wears his heart on his sleeve, tells it to us how it is and has a go at the fans, this reflects the feeling in the camp, there is such indegnation amongst the fans that he is gagged and says no more. We slag off the chairman and suggest she is ripping the club off We constantly critisise and the Board and CE We slag off  most of our players We think that for them playing for City is the highlight of their career  We pay wages that are a disgrace for some of  the performances we get The players have a great chance to get the fans on board,they play crap at PR and we are left feeling like shit. Every week in the EDP a player is telling us how we need to improve and what a difference he is going to make? Why would any half decent young player want to come here?  Would You?  
  9. [quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="BlyBlyBabes"] And you can get 6/1 on Tamworth beating City. [/quote] It''ll be nice to see so many regular posters on here "in the money" on Saturday afternoon! Surely 6/1 is too big for such a certainty! Does anyone know what the odds are for the double? (defeat to Tamworth and relegation).   [/quote] This really could happen but I couldnt bring myself to bet against the boys. Transfer window will close very early for us if we lose on national tv on Saturday. I think in many ways a draw would be a good result for us. The worrying thing is I find it hard to remember when we last got involved in a dog fight away from home and won.The last time I went to a game like this it was against Northampton and I would not want to do that again. Lets be positive, I think, do I really mean that,yes I think I do!
  10. [quote user="xxxxspudyxxxx"]hey all i only asked 4 the ringtone! lol [/quote]   spudy, my reply to you (what seems like a long time ago) was supposed to be a bit humerous. I obviously missed out there but what I was refering to was Delia`s appearance last week on the Swap Shop program, which was looking back over the history of childrens Saturday morning tv. They showed some 1980`s video tape of her on the show. My reference to fishy flapjacks was supposed to inject some innuendo, but by the responses I missed the mark. Innuendo is an Italian gay by the way.It seems to me as if smudger is trying to hi-jack this board,do you know if he operates out of a locked room, if not "care in the community" has got a lot to answer for. Is it possible that infact he wears a scum shirty under his Bob the Builder pyjamas .Good luck smudger, hear from you soon.   
  11. If you believe that Delia is ripping the Norfolk public off, how many millions would you say she has made out of us in the last 10 years?   
  12. Ricky, your are clearly an ill informed prat. Delia was to be seen on  National TV only yesterday.  She looks a hell of a lot younger and must have had some good cream for Christmas. Noel Edmunds was clearly making a play for her fish flapjacks, her soufle also seemed a little slow to rise, she told the viewers to keep the faith, but eventually had to throw the whole thing out. If it wasn`t for Delia we would be never have got into the PL. Give her a break! Hopefully she has learned a few lessons and will be better for it. I prefer fish flapjacks when they are fresh.
  13. From where I was sitting it was not just Robbo getting sitck but also Dickson. If Dickson had gone off the crowd reaction would have been exactly the same, it was more about celebrating Saff coming on than booing someone off. I am right or is Neal Adams.
  14. If a lot of the squad go, which I think is unlikely cos it`s too cushy here for them, do we trust PG to spend anymore wisely than Worthy. If he doesnt then the ploppy is very deep!
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