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  1. We now have a more experienced management team who are used to getting the best out of player. Yesterday was a fearless display, and that’s down to man management. It WAS a must win game, but that wasn’t the message to the players. Newcastle bottled it 1-0 up, we kept the pressure on and kept 3 points. I think there is some hope now.
  2. I just keep thinking of Djokovic in his hotel room with a couple of bags of rackets and a neighbour banging on the wall shouting “ can you PLEASE keep that racket down”!
  3. Villa fans think El Ghazi is on his way out to Carrow Rd.
  4. After some optimism seeing the team sheet against Villa I’m not sure now how you can play Cantwell and Gilmour in the same side. There are weaknesses in them which Premier League teams have and will exploit.
  5. I’m sure Smith stated that Bryam played in that position for Leeds. Needs must I think. Keep fit Sam
  6. On Saturday I said to my neighbour in the stand that on Saturday that Josh needed dancing lessons. I wasn’t joking. At times he seems static with the weight on the back foot and with a wide stance. Poor position to react to and when receiving the ball. Box to box he brings a lot to the team. I’m sure when Chris Sutton was a young player he had extra coaching re movement and balance. I would prefer to see Josh not central in penalty area but waiting on the flanks for cross or quick ball across goal. If Hugill does join us I look forward to a day at the barbers for Josh for stream lining purposes and to minimise the effect of turbulent winds at Carrow Rd. Perhaps a charity raiser?
  7. There’s an argument to have joint winners for the season.
  8. There’s a time and place for AC/DC Thunderstruck, Carrow Rd PA isn’t one of them. River Plate Stadium is though
  9. I suppose if Pukki had placed the ball closer to Sargent where he was anticipating rather than away from him we might have had an attempt on goal rather than another stick to beat Sargent with.
  10. The squad will be growing confidence with recent results and decisions made my Smith. Leeds and Brentford had the more possession in their games at WHL. It will be interesting, but our conversion rates of chances is poor. I expect a team that on balance is defensive as a team but can use Pukki as main threat via well placed through ball. Or even scoring from a corner via Hanley. 1-1
  11. The through ball to Pukki is a key part of our play. As soon as they lost a defender for the most part of the game they set up in such a way that our Option 1 was not on. I’m not surprised by our “hangover “ after the efforts against Wolves. The positive was Smith & Co finding a way through tactics and substitutions to secure a point FROM A LOSING POSITION!
  12. I’m not surprised by performance tonight after the efforts of the game against Wolves at the weekend. We looked tired mentally and physically tonight at times and came back from a losing position to get a point. Sarge needs a rest I think and let’s not forget Smith’s substitutions to bring about the point.
  13. From my elevated view in the Barclay a Southampton player was clearly signalling to teammates by having outstretched arms and bringing hands together to narrow and condense the field of play leaving space for wide players. We seemed happy to allow this though as we rode our luck. it wasn’t until second half after substitutions and tactical changes we got the better of them and their tactics went on to win the game.
  14. Saturday was a reality check for fans, players and the new manager. As fans we all want players to achieve but, to me , the surprise inclusion of Cantwell was in part to show to Todd, where he was at “ in the heat of battle”. There were a lot of poor performances in the first half but the substitution of him was correct. Smith comes across as a players manager and I’m sure he has the skills to work from the base where Todd is in reality, and get him ready for the challenges we will have in the New Year to achieve PL survival.
  15. and don’t forget that special aftershave
  16. Pukki’s goal had all the hallmarks of Klopp/Salah influence. Lots more to come I hope.
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