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  1. David, was this a decision supported by you personally. - OBVIOUSLY I AM THE CEO. David, why was Neil the most qualified person for the job. - WE TOOK MANY THINGS INTO ACCOUNT, BUT IT WAS THE WAY HE MANAGED THE CLUB WHEN GIVEN THE POISON CHALICE LAST SEASON AND THE WAY THE PLAYERS REACTED. David, was there no other manager in the world with more experience and contacts we could have approached? - YES OF COURSE THERE ARE MANAGERS WITH MORE EXPERIENCE BUT EXPERIENCE DOESN''T NECESSARILY MEAN RESULTS. WE''VE SEEN THAT OVER THE YEARS WITH MANAGERS WITH LOTS OF EXPERIENCE NOT BEING SUCCESSFUL. David, if we don''t get into the play offs will you resign? - IF I BELIEVE IT IS WITHIN THE CLUBS BEST INTEREST FOR ME TO RESIGN THEN YES I WILL. Now, I''m no where near as slick, experienced or knowledgable as DM and I''ve rather a lot to drink. But I think those answers swerve your ''direct'' questions well enough.
  2. Has it not crossed your minds that the board would have considered the players opinions in this process?? Or nooooooo of course the board are set on the demolition of this club.. They don''t know what they are doing and don''t care either.. .... dot... dot. .... dot...
  3. This is the problem with you dweebs.. You retain zero credibility because instead of constructing decent arguments for why Adams is a bad appointment you come out with dross like ''Ruddy now wants out''.. You make stuff up and make yourselves look like buffoons.
  4. Enough is enough? Get a grip of yourself man.. Four years ago we were in league 1 on the brink of administration with Bryan Gunn in charge making signings like Owain Tudor Jones... Honestly, the delusion of our fans blows my mind.
  5. Good post. I think we need to entrust DM here. His agenda is the same as ours - the success of the club. Lambert wasn''t very popular at first. In fact someone should bump that post where all of the hissy fitters were throwing their toys out of the pram at his appointment. Experience is obviously important, but I''d take raw passion and drive for success any day. Look at some of the appointments in the Premier League last season: Garry Monk Tim Sherwood Gus Poyet Ryan Giggs versus David Moyes Pep Mele Chris Hughton I''d have liked Lennon but for the same reasons I''m ok with Adams - because they are winners. We need to get behind Adams and push on.
  6. And if you look to your left here ladies and gentlemen you will see two village idiots wanting their team to lose.
  7. Yes this is definitely going to be Adams fault if a young ambitious player with no former ties to this club wants to retain his Premier League status and earnings..
  8. +1 although I quite liked the thought of Lennon. Not because he offers any more relevant experience, just because I think he''s a good manager.
  9. Good shout, and the Norwich hospital is placed equally between Colney and Carrow Road in case he has any more heart attacks.
  10. I''m yet to see a negative post on here where it''s lead me to believe that the person behind it is capable of the cohesion of using a telephone and stringing a sentence together, let alone talking to the CEO of a football club on live radio.
  11. I am sure they have opted to take the similar approach of buying an apple to give to him on their first day back..
  12. Just LOL!!!! So Adams is supposed to have aimed for a draw hoping it would relegate us because if he won he''d be less likely to get the job?... RIGHT!!
  13. Haha City1st Nail > Head!!! It''s not just Holt: Carlton Morris ‏@CarltonJM 56m Delighted at the appointed of Neil Adams big things!! #NCFC
  14. Sorry this makes absolutely no sense to me.. Are you suggesting they tasked him with the job of gaining a 0-0 draw?
  15. "ello is thaaaaht David?... yes this is a faaahn.. I''m vuhhhry disaaahpoooonted with adaaaahms apooooontment..." ... "go what myself???... roiiiiight" "Davidd.... Davidddd???....." "He hooong ooop on me..."
  16. Thoroughly insightful post, enjoyed it. Very different from the others on here this evening. Would recommend and would definitely read again.
  17. No, YOU fool I''m saying that your grounds for writing Adams off are totally shaky. Id rather have had Lennon and probably Malky too but I''m not going to slate Adams on the grounds where neither Lennon, Malky, or Zola are strong (like you did). You fool.
  18. It all started, When Chris Hughton departed, He was new and uncharted, The Neil Adams Family, Glenn Roeder never believed in him, Lets see what we can achieve with him, He thinks we can win again, The Neil Adams Family, Yes I know it''s sh!te.. Here''s a box of Kleenex for all of those with wet eyes about his appointment, bless!
  19. Never in our modern history has it been more vital that our new manager has contacts, experience and ability. Does Adams have those? Proven? Lennon: Contacts????? English Experience???? Proven ability outside of a pub league???? Malky: Contacts??? look at his signings Experience???? Spent a fortune and got Cardiff promoted but was lucky after a horrendous run torwards the end of the season Experience????? Some, but still a rookie. Zola: Contacts???? Not proven Experience??? Nothing too exciting almost got a great West Ham side relegated.
  20. Do us a favour and wait to the first game of the season and do it by chucking it at Adams. Turned out ok last time.
  21. And what if we get promoted? You''ll be singing Adams Green Army like every other turd on this forum who is having a hissy fit over the appointment.
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