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  1. Nothing wrong with your view Deltic31 as I have similar concerns to.I don''t think that a few of us who share a similar view can get 5000+ booing, our fault then.There does seem to be 3 or 4 posters ready to defend the club through hell or high water, same number as on the board!!!. I wonder.
  2. [quote user="Herman "]How is whinging about something that didn''t happen, and not likely to happen going to benefit the club? [/quote] If not, the happy clappers would no one to whine about.
  3. One of the boards biggest f-ups of 2014.
  4. Dorrans is half decent at the right price but there was no talk of us getting any decent players, that''s my point. We still the loan window next week and could repeat the sort of loan signings like Crouch and Huckerby. Wow, dreaming again.
  5. Are we looking to push for promotion? Any big signings coming in? or is the talk of signing decent players just hot air.
  6. Good post but you don''t leave both of your best forwards on the bench, rest one or the other but not both. If Jerome or Hooper needed a rest then they are not match fit, they should not be taking up a place on the bench. That''s my view.
  7. Good point if we were playing Chelsea.but happy with a clean sheet for Ruddy.
  8. Jerome and Hooper on the bench, wtfHooper needs to get games.I hope he knows what he is doing.
  9. They look familiar,but I hope not the case.
  10. £60-80 million that was. And boo maybe, but I care in a different way.
  11. Where''s the loan signings or signings to help push us into the prem. Delia out, and where''s our money gone £60-80 x 3 years in the prem?
  12. [quote user="Herman "]They showed ambition by getting rid of the manager. Isn''t that what we all wanted?[/quote] And replace him with the same = lack of ambition.
  13. Can''t believe so call supporters and trying to blame other supporters/fans for being the cause, as this is going to help matters. Carry on guys and alienate those who choose to voice concern.
  14. LDC.If things were good then there would only be a minority of unhappy fans but unfortunately it''s more than a handful of fans that seem unhappy.Only the club can address that.
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