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  1. Rotherham as it''s a new ground I haven''t been to!
  2. How on earth does someone from Finland end up supporting Norwich. I am flabbergasted
  3. 5 games and no more if we haven''t set the world alight by then we should go
  4. I was a very very vocal hughton outer but had I known what our hapless boards choice of replacement would have been I would have kept my mouth shut. You live and learn. I got it wrong!
  5. I will be making merry on this Board all summer after this hapless decision. Mcnasty out stowmarket 2 out Messiah back
  6. Have had a night to think about it and try to rationalise the decision. We have to go with it even though the majority think it is crazy. If it does go wrong quickly then the stowmarket 2 have to accept there time running the club is up and move on. Along with them McNasty should also step aside. The stakes couldn''t be higher. They have played their card and must accept the consequences
  7. Now more than ever we must unit. The board must know we have had enough of them. Email ,call the club,write on social media. Hound them on the street do what ever to get them to realise enough is enough
  8. There decision making is truly truly awful. They must go before the start of the season.
  9. For those who remember the end of the Chase era it is once again time to mobilise. Any one who still thinks mcnasty and our board should stay are deluded. Adams out protest on the first day of the season.
  10. Would be interested in your favourite method of fly tipping. Mine is fly tipping by j r hartley
  11. It is the total lack of professionalism that the board shows that is the biggest worry. Surely this shambles along with the failure to sack hughton and replace him with a radio commentator is enough suffering.
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