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  1. I think i read somewhere that they are re-doing their pitch, same as us. Guess that would mean we couldnt play at either teams ground
  2. I saw on norwich instagram page that Ivo Pinto has gone to Germany, so maybe he will not be out too long
  3. I think playing lower league teams help. How many teams are we going to play this season that will knock the ball about all game and play little 1-2 and possession. We struggled last year because we couldnt deal with the physical side of some teams. We need to get used to big tackles and teams that will lump it up to their big striker. Struggled far too often against that last season
  4. Didnt Jacob only return to training yesterday ? If so, then im not surprised he isnt involved today.
  5. Tough to name main back 4 without having some more difficult friendlies. And lewis seems to be very highly rated by farke. Russ also saying gow he is one of the youth players he is most excited by and that he can be big for this team in coming years. Imagine efete will get some minutes tomorrow too, so with pinto likely to miss start of season, will probably be between him and Russ for that position against Fulham
  6. Its worth noting that the account that has broken this news is William Hill Betting. Not exactly the most reliable source there is. Purely based on where the money has been bet. Norwichs manager odds were twice closed before farke was appointed so ill wait to hear from a more reliable source before i jump to any conclusions
  7. With Stuart Webber, i feel if a player has handed in a transfer request, we would know about it! He may well want to leave but i dont think we will take 10. Id imagine somewhere between 12-14. And thats pretty decent businees tbf. Until i hear it from Webber or Murphy that a request has been handed in, i wont believe it, especially coming from Newcastle fans and Newcastle reporters over twitter
  8. When we sign a left back, ill be interested to see who farke keeps to challenge them for a starting spot. Im sure most people would have thought it would definitely be toffolo, however apparently farke is a big fan of jamal lewis. And some saying he is preferred over toffolo
  9. Im confident there is no chance at all that the club would sell for that much. Cant see them accepting anything less than 15
  10. Putting in a pretty decent performance in a position he hasnt played before. Was unlucky to be left out from start. Offered more last game than redmond did
  11. Toffolo and morris both still here. Ben wyatt is at colchester although was loaned out to a non league team this season, and mcfadden is at sligo rovers
  12. Not necessarily the managers job as i dont think he is experienced enough. But could do a lot worse than have him back in the coaching staff.
  13. Im just going to put this out there. The decision to get rid of him seemed strange. They said it was because he wanted to manage yet havent seen his name linked with any jobs. Also i believe it was mark rivers who slagged off alex neil saying he made him leave. We did seem to miss that all rou d pressing and never say die attitude after he left. Question is, how would people feel if he took over ? Im sure he wouldnt take any rubbish from the players. Would always demand 100%
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