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  1. You''ve clearly not seen many Norwich games over the last 15 months, lakey. It really helps.
  2. [quote user="Duncan Edwards"]Who arranges these fixtures? I had Old Catton U9s, Drayton Youth, Wroxham, Lowestoft and the Blind School pencilled in For October; looked a massively encouraging set of fixtures... In other news, this is the Championship. In it are 24 teams and we play them all twice. Moron.[/quote]Wish we could play ourselves.
  3. No set of fixtures looks great when you aren''t doing well.
  4. For a team scared to make mistakes they sure make a lot of mistakes.
  5. A few of the old boys around me spent most of the Leeds game talking about cricket.
  6. Hadn''t heard that one until now, very good.Unless the away fans get it going and bring it back to Carrow Road I can''t see anything new taking off right now.
  7. Doubt we''ll sign another with Steipermann and Aarons as cover.
  8. I''d start a right back, be it Passlack, Aarons or Pinto and push Marshall forwards. Probably drop Leitner to accomidate.
  9. Still kept 15 league clean sheets last year though.
  10. Big money player and a contract unlikely to be renewed and scaled down like Tettey and Martin''s were. Would imagine a million or two and he''d be free to go.
  11. We''re going to win all 3 but I doubt it''s going to have any real long term meaning.
  12. Hasn''t looked right there since pre season. Not sure why Farke is persisting with it when we have Passlack, Aarons and Pinto.
  13. To be fair it was a very well taken goal.
  14. Lets hope he keeps it up, I believe we can bring him back in January. Doubt he will and I''m not worried as Hernandez and Marshal are much better players than Wildschut.
  15. I left the ground after the West Brom game feeling that we had been unlucky tbh. It''s very rare that a team will make so many stupid mistakes all in 1 game.Rhodes has scored loads of goals at this level, clearly not a useless tw@.Krul has hundreds of PL games under his belt and has been to a world cup. Probably not a useless tw@ Tettey has proven to be a quality player here for years......
  16. Hope some of ours have been on their forums asking the same about Hurst.
  17. Not sure about that. Even losing Maddison I think we have a much better overall squad this season. The fact they''ve agreed to spend quite a lot of money on and older loan player in Rhodes tells me they''re not just targeting midtable.
  18. Well I''d certainly rather be in our situation than QPR''s.
  19. [quote user="Yellowhammer"]Seem to be scoring better almost thanks to Rhodes but defence is dire.[/quote]More thanks to that cheap foreigner Hernandez. Involved in every single league goal we''ve scored this season.
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