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  1. Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch to warm up the crowd
  2. I think Nunez misplaced every single pass after he came on. Embarrassing
  3. The decline in this team is absolutely unbelievable. If not for the lucky run under Smith earlier in the season we could've actually been fighting relegation. What has happened to these players? Very worried about next season.
  4. He wants us to believe the narrative that we just think he's fat and drinks tea out of a mug and that's why we all don't like him. He refuses to face the reality that the football is ****e and this team is capable of so much better.
  5. Sad to say but I haven't even been keeping up with scores lately. We've been abject crap almost every game this season, picked up lucky results to paper over the cracks but now its catching up fast. I have no interest in the club while Dean Smith is in charge. He's taken us backwards with most of the same squad that walked the championship 2 years ago.
  6. Feels like the only time I hear Gibsons name mentioned is when he's made a big mistake.
  7. Implying we've turned a corner or something? We're just as **** as we have been all season we just played Brighton and Burnley.
  8. I enjoyed it a lot more when we were the most entertaining worst Premier league team. Now we're just the worst.
  9. He's unbelievably crap and a waste of money that's why
  10. We just got torn to shreds by a Leeds team that have been routinely battered and lost 6 in a row. Anyone with delusions of us staying up this season need their head checking.
  11. We've just recently been completely outclassed by two teams on gigantic losing streaks. Clown needs to go
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