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  1. Another is managing Norwich in the future and losing by a greater margin than his Dad's Norwich side achieved
  2. Judging by his defending for Plymouth yesterday, this is unlikely. When we initially bought McCallum, he wasn't ready and was loaned back to Coventry in league one. Earley will improve but his defending yesterday suggests he's not yet ready for league one. He did score though.
  3. I’ve never been relegated before, it’s a record I’m proud of and I’ve told the players that. Dean Smith in the Telegraph in April 2022. This quote always bugged me because of the ego - deflecting any blame or responsibility from (Dean Smith) himself if Norwich were to fail - a case of it won't be my fault, look at my record. It could have been taken out of context but I don't think players want a leader bragging about themselves. They want someone who's words and actions align. Sometimes humility is important. They want someone they can believe in, respect and work hard for. He did take responsibility once we were relegated. However, we all know that Webber has also deflected from his own mistakes and has spoken of injuries and loss of form being main factors for our relegation. He hasn't owned that he didn't bring in the quality of players that Norwich needed at the time. I do imagine people pointing fingers has been hard and the defences are up. The main problem at Norwich, for me, is division. Board vs journalists. Board vs fans. Fans vs Management. Fans vs players. Success, in Sport, isn't that different other areas of life. Collectives have more energy and power than individuals. Teams prosper in a culture of encouragement and, ultimately, growth. The power of we surpasses that of I. It's been said on here before that a lot of Norwich fans are tired of the yoyo-ing and of football, in general. I think there's a need for clarity from above, as well. What is the direction and what are the objectives? I think everyone needs to look at themselves to turn this around. To create a we, rather than I. Whether that's with Dean Smith at the helm, we're not so sure...
  4. 4. Intriguing line - "In fact, Norwich hope their two midfield signings — once completed — will underline why they have not been looking as low as League One for incomings this window". I remember Paddy saying a similar thing last close season and look at how those signings turned out 🤣 I hope some learning has been done.
  5. Dean Smith saying the players haven't been good enough, albeit after relegation was confirmed, might sow doubt in some players as well. I guess the facts to back this opinion but wouldn't you question a manager that says this after continually spreading the message the players are good enough earlier on?! Deep down, did DS ever believe they were good enough.
  6. Jacob Murphy did well in league one before the Championship. I think a lot would argue he'd walk into our current side.
  7. Scored a decent goal for Doncaster today. 4 for them since he joined in January. Could he be an option as a number ten next season?
  8. BBC have Sinani down as right in a back three 😂 https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/61115597
  9. He was on radio 5 live last weekend and said he's mates with Dyche. He also warmed to Farke, as we know, after their initial spat.
  10. I seem to remember after Lees-Melou was signed we had a period of a few weeks where no one else was brought in, until Sargent and Tzolis. During that time, we seemed to be confirming outgoing loans and Thompson's contract was ended (loans and contract terminations have been happening all summer I know). Small loan fees coming in and a reduction in the monthly wage bill is very helpful. Norwich are always working with a tight budget so cutting costs is a constant operation. They've said they want better quality with less numbers. I wonder whether this extra bit of revenue / monthly wage budget will help when bringing the final pieces of the jigsaw in. I'm hopeful we will get at least the defensive midfielder. Hopefully a centre back as well.
  11. I'd steer clear of Liverpool youth players. They overprice them. Brewster and Ibe are two examples...they've hardly excelled since they left. Jurgen would keep them if he saw real class.
  12. Webber / Farke have never been reactive with their vision. They will have had this summer partially planned once they got relegated from the prem two seasons ago.
  13. I like the way Normann is holding the football in the photo on the front page. If this is his speciality, he must get sent off a lot.
  14. I look at a striker like Bamford who had three failed premier league loans (Us, Burnley, Palace) and flattered to deceive. Put in the right set up and he's excelled. Webber / Farke have done the research. They know how we will play this season. Trust their judgement. It might just be a good fit.
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