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  1. He was our best defender in that short spell before lockdown in the premier league. Added to that, he excelled in the first season after we'd bought him. He suffered with injuries in the championship winning season. Clearly isn't the graceful modern centre back but he's pretty damn solid when he gets a run of games!
  2. I actually thought Hanley, when up to speed, was our best centre back last season...probably not the greatest accolade, considering our defending collectively. Injuries aside, I'd play him and Gibson.
  3. Are we not allowed to play either of these because they weren't registered in our squad for the second half of the season? I'm sure there would be special dispensation due to the injuries we've had in defence. I'd sooner play either ahead of Tettey as a centre back.
  4. I agree, has defended better than Zimbo during the three games. Lacks a natural ball playing ability but made up for it with resilience.
  5. I understand we lost £35 million last season and this affected our expenditure in the summer. However, losing games builds pressure. It seems to be (understandably) getting to Farke, who is beginning to look strained and burdened. Rational mindedness would suggest we're doing how we could be expected to, considering the lack of investment. What we don't want is to lose a coach who has had his hands tied throughout his time at Norwich. Someone that has got on with it when others would have felt a greater injustice. I believe he, perhaps, could improve us defensively, even with the players we have. Maybe the youngsters in the back four have to learn. The defence is something we have struggled with for a very long time though, predating his time at the club. The second half today hinted at how fragile confidence is right now. What I hope is Farke doesn't crack as he had been put in a super difficult position, ever since he joined us. It's unfair to expect miracles from him.
  6. "If you don't recognise that two young and inexperienced players in Cantwell and Buendia had more game time forced on them than they might have had because of the injuries to midfielders, then you are deluded." Disagree with this comment, These two players are very creative and integral to Farke's way of playing. In terms of the three behind Pukki, we only have Hernandez, Stiepi and McLean (lately) that can play there. Outside that, we have Roberts (who isn't upto it), Leitner (number ten I think not) and Vrancic (also not suited that far forward). Cantwell's progress has surprised everyone (bar Farke I'd imagine) but Buendia was expected to be a main player this season. We don't have a big squad at all, so it was always likely we'd be playing the two above regardless of injuries.
  7. I replied to a Paddy Davitt post match interview quote from Farke saying the same...three players in the starting lineup were young (Aarons, Cantwell, Godfrey). The rest were mid twenties (upwards) and had amassed a lot of game time and subsequent experience.
  8. I think Godfrey is better alongside a centre back with aerial ability and in that more old fashioned mould! Klose definitely looked quite rusty in the limited game time he had in pre season. Understandable considering his ongoing injury problems. Hanley in his first season with us was our most consistent centre back. Let's give him a chance..
  9. Judging by the recent refereeing decisions in the Cardiff game v Chelsea, the standard of officiating is no better in the premier league
  10. Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock are two incredible albums (works of art) and - as it's been pointed to above - Mark Hollis really couldn't be bothered with the sideshow of fame and ****, within the music industry...Rest in peace
  11. You've got to trust Webber and Farke, they've always played the long game! Looking forward to seeing McLean get more game time. Also, agree with the above that Klose, Tettey and Leitner coming back will help...also hoping we'll see Grant Hanley play and return to form. Pretty much everyone in the squad has contributed at some point this season, otherwise they've gone on loan...
  12. Bielsa subbed a Leeds midfielder off in the first half last night for giving away the ball. Tettey has done it numerous times....he needs to go off
  13. Don''t think it would be a massive loss if we can bring in a capable replacement on loan. Not been overly consistent...can be the best centre back we have but switches off a lot.
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