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  1. [quote user="CANARYCHARGE"][quote user="canarydownunder"]Well it just has to be lee croft...for his sheer pace, incredibly quick feet and his pinpoint crossing  ;)[/quote] Pinpoint crossing?? guess you didnt watch Croft![/quote] mate, that was a joke.......
  2. Well it just has to be lee croft...for his sheer pace, incredibly quick feet and his pinpoint crossing  ;)
  3. Hi everyone,im not sure whether anyone has asked this before but oh well i''ll ask it anyway. I was just wandering if anyone had come across any decent car stickers which you can put in your back window over the years?  And does anyone know of any websites which have any norwich city related stickers on them.
  4. Yes Lambert did try to take the game to Leeds and it worked for the first 65, 70 minutes but he should of made a sub. Russell was by far our best player tonight but really looked like he was going to get a second yellow and was lucky not to. Martin lacked pace and fitness in the last 20mins an I don''t we think we had any shots in the last 15. We should of brought on Adeyemi for Russell and Cody for Martin then we would have troubled Leeds for the full 90 minutes.
  5. I agree mate 100%. Lambert should have brought on a sub way before the 92nd min, the players had nothing left in the tank.
  6. How about this one for Askou. Jens Askou AskouHes bigger than me and youHe might even score a few Jens Askou Askou
  7. [quote user="wilw6"]& to think 17 years ago, on the opening day of the Premiership, Norwich were 2-0 down at half time at Highbury yet went on to beat Arsenal 4-2. Shows just how far this club has fallen.[/quote]That was on my birthday, lol
  8. As i saw in another post, its revenge for the test we won in the ashes!!!
  9. [quote user="Paint Me Yellow"]Who this t0$$┬úr? The goal keeper needs to adjust to the english game? Do goalkeepers in the Greek league not realise you have to use your hands to stop the round leathery thing hitting the net? [/quote] He was signed from an Australian side.
  10. well i just found this on the sky sports websitePromotion contenders... I''m looking Norwich as the team to beat. Wes Hoolahan has been in this division before with Blackpool and got them promoted, so he could be a star for them. Every time I go there they are brilliantly supported with crowds in excess of 25,000 and it seems daft to say that relegation has been the best thing for them. But after a few years of struggling in the Championship, Bryan Gunn has made loads of new signings and he might turn them around. He has brought in guys who are tried and tested at this level and if they have a decent start they could blow teams away. Alongside the Canaries and the Saints, I think Charlton, Leeds, Millwall and Huddersfield could make up the top six - although I don''t know in what order - and the likes of MK Dons will not be far off either.
  11. Well this is what the blog said about Norwich This year, Charlton, Leeds, Norwich and Southampton all find themselves facing a hard slog to get back to the Championship. There cannot be a third-tier league anywhere else in Europe than can boast so many clubs of such size and stature. "Undoubtedly the bigger the teams, the better the league and this season League One should be great," added Claridge. I was convinced that Leeds would win last season''s play-offs and I expect them to go up this season under the assured management of Simon Grayson. Norwich decided to keep faith in club legend Bryan Gunn, despite his failure to avoid relegation last season. It was a bold move but the Scot seems to have made some shrewd signings in the likes of defender Michael Nelson, winger Simon Whaley and forward Grant Holt. Having brought in 12 players, Gunn must manage their transition from a collection of individuals into a team if they are to succeed.
  12. [quote user="Yellow Rose of Texas"]But do we want him ?[/quote] NO.
  13. [quote user="Croydon Canary"]I agree totally,despite all the much heralded signings this summer I get the feeling that the success of the coming season hangs on wether or not we sign Alan Lee.If you can recall back to the late eighties,I was convinced Norwich would have won the Championship if we had had Tony Cascarino at centre foward rather than Robert Rosario !.[/quote] NOOOOOOOOOO, i managed to watch Norwich''s last home game against reading and he did absolutely nothing for the whole game. Well thats a lie he managed to put in a decent cross which is fantastic for a target man!!!
  14. I very much doubt it, though i would like him here as he is a good player. I think Celtic signed him last year from Cardiff didn''t they.
  15. How about ''I believe in miracles''
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