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  1. All Binner fans need to be banned from this forum, Anyone so fucking thick to believe that living in Lowestoft means you cant follow Norwich must be a bloody binner.
  2. Not sure I can be bothered wasting my time on them, If I were to go it would only be to cheer on Lowestoft.
  3. Oh sorry about that I thought he came on as sub at some point
  4. You can add Efan Ekoku who played for Nigeria to the List!!
  5. Source?? Got some ketchup! on offer, bit of a bargain really!!
  6. I have a feeling Tony Fernandez is still on the scene, but the club is keeping quite about it, Combined with the club being run better makes for a few quid in Lamberts pocket!!
  7. Just goes to show the diference one signing makes! Mcnally has transformed this club since his arrival, Even if Lambert were to leave in the future the club must keep hold of Mcnally.
  8. I hear any future players have been told not to go in Asda due to Delias deal with Waitrose!!hehe
  9. With Blackpools new wealth would it be such a bad thing for us?!!
  10. Hey no worrys everyone we''ll be signing John Terry after the world cup!!!!!hehehe
  11. I would say if Doherty is to be released, it would be fair to say that Lambert will be looking to strengthen at the back. Like him or not Doherty will be a big hole in the squad to fill.
  12. Hahaha best rumour so far!!!! Even if he is on a free just imagine his wages!!!!
  13. [quote user="Canary_on_the Trent"][quote user="Happy little canary"]Id take him if he didnt cost to much! He may be up for a move to us as he wouldnt have as far to move!![/quote] He wouldn''t have to move if he joined a London or midlands club either though. [/quote] Yeah but how could he refuse sunny little Norwich?!!
  14. Id take him if he didnt cost to much! He may be up for a move to us as he wouldnt have as far to move!!
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