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  1. Well looks like we have another idiot taking over from Webber if he thinks now is not the time to sack the manager. All he has to do is watch the replays to know the manager has lost the squad , who are no longer really trying, and maybe the last few results. We are now in a relegation battle, I know the squad looks bad but I think any half decent manager could get them going again. I feel sorry for Wagner as he looks defeated and resigned before the match even starts.
  2. No investment No ambition No desire Unfortunately this now has to clearly come from the top. Even changing the manager is not the solution. Delia has decided to not take any further risks and probably is worried about the cost of changing managers! This club has descended into a spineless embarrassment both on and off the pitch. I honestly believe we have the players who could turn it around but we need someone to be honest who gives a damn, and shows it to the fans and the players. He has to go now, why wait another week for another spineless shambles
  3. Being amongst the 500 or so who had a stand to themselves, I can safely say was game of two halves well 50 mins and 40 mins. DF got formation totally wrong with players on pitch at start and allowed Barnsley to run midfield. Once we changed formation looked so much better and realistically should have won, but once again Watkins looked scared to shoot all match! Josh Murphy is best as a winger,Hools can still shine ,Gunn is brill, Hanley is a star. To be honest why is Raggett still on the bench surely with so many ill or tired he should be given a run out
  4. Some fans seem to forget he was the last City player to score a goal! And as a fan I really couldnt care less if a player sits on a deckchair all week if he scores a hat trick in a match. Dont get me wrong fitness and attitude are important but DF needs to realise Nelson is definitely the best striker we have at the moment and for me to not even have him on the bench last night was a step too far. Outside chance of playoffs gone now! To me a good manager would have put him on the bench then said to him with quarter of game left go on prove me wrong!
  5. Sorry but for me not even putting him on the bench and playing Watkins is a joke . Yes he has an attitude but being on the bench would be enough to give him message and given us a chance to maybe score late on. DF needs to realise you dont need a bunch of robots on pitch just running and passing across back line does not win you games. Nelson does have skill in buckets and DF should realise he has failed as much as Nelson if he can not get him motivated.
  6. The real problem was the way the ref handled it. To indicate it was a corner initially was ridiculous, it was either a dive or a foul. So a yellow or penalty. Yes Madders made the most of clear contact by their keeper but most players do nowadays. Josh Murphy five minutes later was basically rugbytackled in the area but didnt make a meal out of it hence no penalty. Whatever the decisions Rowitt has no right to abuse an opposition player in public, a quiet word later if he wants fair enough. To be honest if we had any decent confident forwards we could have won by five, it was embarrassing to see how easily our players dealt with Derby. All the players deserve praise for that match, even Murphy who was poor in first half got his act together.
  7. This is an absolute disgrace, he is by far and away one of our best youngsters, loan yes transfer never 😡
  8. How anyone can moan about anyone who played last night beggars belief! I am among the first to moan about players but please just be proud I know I am
  9. Middleton looks the real deal, noticed how the game shifted when he came on. He was everywhere controlled the game
  10. Well the feeding frenzy begins, of course he will go anyone with any sense would , he knows club in decline and what little passes he used to get will dry up even more without Pritch. If we keep him I can guarantee he will sulk as he does whenever things go wrong on pitch!
  11. GB even manager said Trybull had already played more often than he thought he could this season due to injury background etc Given that and Tettey record we have issues! Any decent club buys before it sells, enough said!
  12. To be fair I could be referee there tomorrow and doubt could engineer result, team must be absolutely shattered and wondering who goes next! Be interesting to see if we manage shot on target!
  13. Yorks I am afraid you have hit the nail or Delia on the head, Board think season over so time for Spring Sale . Farke hasnt got balls to tell Board if Prits goes I go probably knows he will get pay off and dumped in summer anyway. Madds and rest of any talent will see how easy it is to leave, if I was Madds put in request now Wolves are evens to get Promotion full of investment and talent. Just hope whats left have enough to keep us up, but having seen effectively that dross at Burton think touch and go! Oh and please Archant stop letting them say we dont need to sell anyone can see we could have held out for more embarrassing how quick we said yes. Still more than two weeks of window left and anyone knows clubs like Huddersfield are desperate to stay up and 10m is chicken feed to them compared to not staying up. If we had played tough and held out bet we would have got 15m plus and had time to get talent in. Now as always we will trawl around and end up with panic buy/ loan to appease fans like last year. Never said this before but Delia and her team need to leave, enough is enough!
  14. If we really have sold him for as little as Huddersfield saying it is pathetic and a disgrace. Pritch is one of the best midfielders in this league and still long contract with club. He should have been told stay until summer then can go reasonable transfer fee. He would then have incentive to play well to keep his Prem hopes alive.
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