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  1. [quote user="nutty nigel"] Fans are taken in by all sorts of things when the team are winning. Everything about the club is good and they gag to be ripped off in the ground and in the shops. Not sure what they''d have made of McNally''s policies if they''d been implemented by Doncaster. But my advice is to enjoy it while it lasts because as McNally says "football is a cyclical business".   [/quote]   They wouldn''t have been implemented by Doncaster though nutty.  The two of them are like chalk and cheese  Doncaster''s stock in trade was "We can''t compete" whereas McNally is the sort of guy who''d rather stick his head down a blocked lavatory than utter any such phrase.   I totally agree though, enjoy it while it lasts.  As Paul Lambert said when we were chanting his name on Tuesday evening "I hope you''ll still be doing that next season when we''ve lost 10 games in a row".   With my Liberal Democrat hat on, it reminds me so much of this time last year when "little old us" ousted Charles Clarke, the Labour Party''s big beast, in Norwich South.  It was a miracle, and so is this.  Now we''re fighting for survival in the political Premier League.    Enjoy this while it lasts folks, and when we''re up against it next season as we surely will be, come out fighting.  Never throw in the towel even if the cause seems lost.     
  2. [quote user="First Wizard"] I bet Delia had a right giggle over it. [/quote]   I bet she did too.  That "slip of the tongue" was no accident, Delia knew exactly what she was doing.  It was a deliberate publicity-seeking ploy that''s worked like a charm as per usual.  She didn''t get where she is today by being naive about the media.  Result: everyone''s talking about Delia instead of Lambert and the boys.  Thankfully, now that her wings have been clipped and NCFC is a proper football club again instead of a celebrity vehicle, it really doesn''t matter very much.  If it gives her pleasure, what the hell.    Standing at the top of the market steps on Tuesday evening, when I heard the "friggin'' playoffs" comment it was deja vu all over again.  Drunk or sober that''s Delia - she can''t resist the attention-seeking gesture, and if you looked her in the eye and told her so she''d probably say "I couldn''t possibly comment" and then give you a wink.    I''m not at all surprised that the media have picked up on it, but I find it sad and a bit frustrating that so many fans are taken in and seem to think it was spontaneous.           
  3. "Back to the USSR" for me this week with a visit to Ukraine   Shakhtar Donetsk  v  Metalurg Donetsk  (home win)   Good luck everyone and a big thank you to nutty for making the free bet such a success, a ''worthy'' tribute to Arrdee [*]    
  4. [quote user="Delias Devonshire Dirtbox"]And who went and got him? bout time Delia got some of this praise, we''ve had 2 promotions under her and the downs but its been a great ride, she loves the club as much as us![/quote]   I agree DDD.  She (and Michael) ARE due a share of the praise, not only for their role in David McNally''s appointment but for persuading Mr Bowkett to take over as chairman, and then taking a back seat and letting them get on with it.  Bowkett''s role in managing the financial situation has been absolutely vital, and he deserves great credit.   The end result is that we''ve become a proper football club again, and I couldn''t be more pleased.  It''s amazing what can happen when you put football first. [Y]      
  5. [8-|]   Today''s result makes it six promotions and five relegations to/from the top flight in our history.  In all that time we''ve NEVER clinched it at a home game.   It''s happened twice without kicking a ball (one promotion, one relegation), the other nine have all been at away games.   [8-|]
  6. It''s France for me this week   Lille  v  Arles  (home win)   Best of luck everyone [*]    
  7. I''ve just been watching a session of the Football Governance Committee on Parliament (channel 81 freeview) [8-|]   Steve Coppell and Martin O''Neill were giving evidence and topics included coaching qualifications for managers, foreign ownership and various financial issues.  I found it quite illuminating.    It''s on right now until about 12.25 and again tomorrow 12.05 to 2.30pm if anyone''s interested.    
  8. [quote user="Harry"]The best thing would have been leaving it at 3pm on the Saturday as was the original date. [/quote]   Totally agree.  Won''t happen though will it?  
  9. Could I suggest that you tread carefully, or the law of unintended consequences could kick in. The police (together with ITFC) originally scheduled this game for Friday afternoon - bank holiday, lots of lovely overtime etc.  Having an evening kickoff was a bit of an experiment, and if we moan too much they could use it as an excuse to revert to Sunday lunchtime, is that really what we want?  As is the way with experiments, there are lessons to be learned.  It might be best to approach it in that light, instead of just whingeing about how useless the police were.  For instance, would an 8.00 kickoff time have been better, giving people more time to get there after work? Just a thought, and I wish you a successful outcome.
  10. My first visit to Bundesliga 2   Fortina Dusseldorf  v  Arminia Bielefeld  (home win)   After 30 games Dusseldorf are 8th with 45 points and a strong home record.  Poor old Bielefeld are rock bottom on 13, they''re 12 points adrift of the rest and GD is -35.   Best of luck one and all [Y] [B][B][B]    
  11. Austria Vienna  v  SV Mattersburg  (home win)   Vienna are top of a 10-team league with 50 points from 28 games, while Mattersburg are one from bottom on 22   Very best of luck one and all [*]        
  12. This week I shall ''boldly go'' to Argentina   Velez Sarsfield  v  Newell''s Old Boys  (home win)   Their league is in its early stages, but Sarsfield have 14 points from 7 games while Newell''s have 5 points from 8.   Best of luck one and all [Y]        
  13. It''s the Switzerland Super League for me this week   Basel  v  Neuchatel Xamax  (home win)   Basel are top of the table with 53 points while Neuchatel are one from bottom on 22   Best of luck everyone [Y]    
  14. Malta  v  Greece  (away win)   Best of luck everyone [*]  
  15. Rapid Vienna  v  LASK Linz  (home win)   Vienna are 4th on 40 points while Linz on 11 are propping up the table   Very best of luck one and all [Y]  
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