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  1.  Live in Blackpool so I will be there !  
  2. This board is crap, I''m off back to the WOTB.  
  3. "Hang on, He''s hardly unearthed any hidden talent has he?! All the players signed are well recognised (with one possible exception, tea bag).Doesn''t take much scouting to know their good players as their all pretty much on tele/media coverage most weekends. So yes I believe not a lot of effort has go in to finding these players."   Jesus .. that''s just finished me off - what an incredibly thick post. 
  4. Wouldn''t surprise me to be honest, think there are 1 or 2 shocks coming before 11pm.
  5. "Sigh. I''ll miss his headless runs with the ball, either tripping over it or running straight into touch. The cause of much mirth amongst our group in the West Upper. "  Hmmm ... typical reaction when a player leaves, take it with a pinch of salt, let''s not crucify the lad, give him a chance for God''s sake.. We could sign Messi and the usual suspects on here would complain '''' Oooo he''s not proven in Prem".. "Missed a pen against Chelsea" etc. etc. JESUS !!    
  6. I never cease to be amazed by the number of experienced Premiership managers on here who always know better then City''s current incumbent.
  7. Just wondered why we haven''t heard much from you recently..
  8. Who''s the Colchester fan ? certainly not me .
  9. Jackson has come good, some on here will be choking over their previous posts about him.
  10. The vast majority seem to believe we need another striker (most of you have decided to kick Jackson), yet as soon as anyone is mentioned its "oh rather have soandso" etc. etc. , obviously you all lnow a hell of a lot more about football the Paul Lambert. Also the way you shoot the messenger too, Sideshow Tim was only saying he received a text, yet you lot descend on him like a pack of wolves.
  11. He (She) was just sharing what they knew, not claiming an exclusive !
  12. Now did he actually say that or was he misquoted/out of context ? Perhaps what he says on canaries world may be a truer refection of the quote ? All that matters is now he is now ours !
  13. Maybe, maybe not. Apparently he has said he has unfinished business here, but , yes, probably wouldn''t happen. One good thing, if Lambert does go, you know McNally won''t f*ck about, someone will be in quickly.
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