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  1. True or False? In April/May you played down our also certain promotion and in August you'd tipped us up for Top3? Again, your opinion is always that which gets you the most attention.
  2. Didn't you then pour cold water on out promotion chances and have a very pesimistic outlook when everyone else was optimistic? You cant have it both ways. But you will, cause that gets you the attention you so desperatley crave.
  3. You've strongly believed a lot of things this season, they've all been wrong too.
  4. Of the valuables; I wouldnt be surprise to see Buendia, Cantwell, Aarons and Godfrey gone. Lewis I think we'll keep as I dont think we'll get a offer deemed accepted. Krul I hope will stay; Leaving a back five of Krul, Byram, Hanley, Zimmerman and Lewis. In midfield; Surely its the end for Mo and probably Stepi Tettey seems to be as evergreen, if we can keep him fit and protected he can be pivotal next season, hopefully with Melvin Setti as like for like replacement. Kenny apparently drew some interest from Palace/West Ham in Jan - anywhere near £10 Million and hes gone. However three from, Tettey/Sitty, Trybull, Vrancic, Rupp and Mclean should suffice. Exited to see young Josh Martin for me he should get a vast amount of game time now, to have him ready for next season. Hernandez will thrive back in the Championship and Daniel Sinaini could be anything but we'll certainally need some recuritment in depth in the wide areas. I wouldn't be too dissapointed to see Pukki leave, he had a fantastic season last year and blistering start but just hasnt looked the same since not entirely sure where is value would be but I'd also be happy to see him start the season. Its going to be make a make or break year for Idah and I know he gets a bad rap on here but I've seen enough from Drmic to think he'd be a useful asset in the Premier League though I guess he wouldnt see his future in the Championhsip. One from Pukki/Idah plus a replacemnt for Drmic. Overall we look in good shape to mount a challenge back to the Prem.
  5. Time to plan for next season, If Josh is to be part of next seasons plans he should be given minutes this season and a chance to hit the ground running next year.
  6. Which coincided with United having easily their worst team to play here for 30 years on the pitch. Re-Rupp, hes just unfashionable. Not going to score many, not going to do anything spectacular but works hard everygame and thats overlooked.
  7. I hate to break it do you, But were nowhere near favourites.
  8. Same old nonsense. You'll never convince me that you're not just a attention seeker/troll. You posted your usual after match thread last night and got no attention so feel the need to start another one. No words, no real meaning, no evidence, no rationale, just nonsense. So consider this your attention, congratulations.
  9. Hahaha, you are aware that the Moyes side that beat us a CR won the Premier League the season before? Like literally exactly the same team. Van Gaal came 4th, Jose came 2nd and yet this 'best team since Fergie' is struggling to compete with Wolves, Leciester and Sheff Utd. Have a week off.
  10. If they playing David Luiz then I guess we're both playing with one centre back. Time to start planning for next year.
  11. What makes you think we can win seven cup finals when we can't win a Q-final against the worst Man Utd side to come her in 30 years, despite apparently playing well? You're a troll, have a day off.
  12. Breaks my heart to say it but I couldnt be less interested in football right now. I watched the Southampton/Everton games with no emotion at all. Im desperatley trying to rally some sort of enthuisam for tomorrow. I've only come on here to had a read of LDC's latest crap and have a little chuckle.
  13. Groundhog day, I bet you wrote that 'piece' at the start of April and it all ready to copy and paste.
  14. Its all about perception; Leeds United announced quite quickly that their players would cover the costs of 'non-playing' staff, This is the same Leeds United who were in for Zlatan Ibrahimovic in January.
  15. Sat in a Jacuzzi with Sir Alex Ferguson Played football against Wayne Rooney Was part of channel 4's documentary Sweet16 which was on everyday for a weke.
  16. Silly you is thinking we'd win enough of them to keep us up.
  17. Lovely little bite... We are down though only Cov-19 can save us now.
  18. Whilst on the face of it, it is immorally wrong, what else do you expect them to do? Some on these bets were probably factors of them going bust. Its also not dissimilar as Thomas Cook who were still taking bookings at 10pm one night, knowing full well they were going bust the following morning. In terms of AP bets - Rules state any market that is mathematically not finished, will be void. However I'd think the likes of PaddyPower/Betfred would probably pay on some of the obvious looking results - Liverpool title/Norwich relegated etc.
  19. £15 Million, is exactly the opposite of a Webber/Farke purchase. If you think we'd spend £15 Million on a keeper (or any other position for that matter) as we drop a division, you must be mental.
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