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  1. [quote user="CambridgeCanary"][quote user="ncfcrule"][quote user="still holding out for new heroes"] Maric too rubbish... [/quote] haha, classic, but yes tha guy is rubbish!!! [/quote] Based on 60 mins after a month''s inactivity.  Glad to see you have given him a fair chance and  haven''t done the usual Pink Un thing of jumping to damning conclusions on a first impression.  Especially as this thread is about Cody being overhyped after a stunning start and the need for a longerterm, more balanced view of his ability!!! [/quote] 5 quid to the charity of your choice if Maric gets 10 or more goals in all competitions this year. It doesn''t take more than 5 minutes to see he hasn''t got the attributes to cut it, fitness is one thing, but being a big immobile lump is another.
  2. whilst I was sceptical I paid for the package this year and think it is decent value for money...commentary feed has improved, less prone to dropping off highlights are certainly extended over what the Beeb and Sky show (normally a good 5 minutes worth) and some exclusive video interviews before and after games....I''m quite happy with it and its far better than it was a couple of seasons ago, perhaps a tad expensive, but as I don''t get to that many way games any more and can''t get radio norfolk so I get my money''s worth
  3. We have an issue really as to who should partner Holt....Cody probably at the momentt looks best to be used as an impact sub....Cureton well I''m not a fan...Martin too similar...Maric too rubbish...Daley too lightweight...and Hoolahan no ta...I''d like someone in on loan  
  4. [quote user="Sports Desk - Pete"] Kentish Lass, If you want to write a column (we may have to negotiate the name though!) then you''re more than wlecome. [/quote] K entish L ass I n T he S tands nope nothing wrong with that for a Blog Title.
  5. [quote user="jedi"] Thank the lord! They also commented on how "cool" it would be if it kicked off like at upton park, which was also a nice touch to there witty banter!! [/quote] at which point irony would suggest that your response would have been to punch him in the back of the head....kids for a quid is a phrase that sends shivers down my spine
  6. [quote user="canarytom"]Personally, I think Cam is a bit of a cock[/quote] the art of understatement is alive and well I see
  7. also there''s a proportion that believe what they read in the Daily Star, the correct definition I believe is morons
  8. Simply that we have decent squad which was being poorly managed
  9. [quote user="Downloads"]Because Huckerby was allowed to stay up the pitch and not get back. I''ve seen Hoolahan collecting the ball far too deep to make an impact with his style of footy.[/quote] There was a moment against Col U early on which was a nutshell moment, collected the ball high on the left, skinned the defender, players waiting for the cross, decides to beat the defender again and the chance breaks down, later on similar position Holt doesn''t bother running into the box because he doesn''t expect the cross to come in, he just doesn''t do the simple things well enough, loads of skill but woeful decision makin and a lack of directness. In a similar position Hux would have created a corner, pen, goal etc
  10. [quote user="Downloads"] Hate to agree with Shyster, but it isn''t that difficult to change the system to have one of the best attacking players in it. One foot blah blah blah. Doesn''t defend blah blah blah. How many of our right footed players don''t have a left foot? Its preposterous! You don''t see Barcelona trying to play Lionel Messi as a traditional left winger, because he''s not that sort of player. And before some clever person says Hoolahan isn''t as good as Messi... we aren''t any Barcelona! So many teams in the world play with a right footed player on the left who difts in, what you need is exactly what Shyster says, a left back who can run a bit, i mean is that too much to expect? How fast is Habergham? Maybe he should get a game, hes young if nothing else and should have the energy. Like he said again, the player has already proved it in this league, but for some reason we can''t seem to use a player who has done it already. Who quite patently wanted to stay even though his agent was trying to get him out of here. Most fans would love a player who wanted to stay, not us, lets ship him out the door for a few hundred k and then think we are going to get some world beater in his place! Je despair! [/quote] I''m just not getting what others see in him, best attacking player?, how many assists, how many goals, lousy at set pieces, not enough to warrent such adulation surely, a poor man''s Phil Mulryne rather than our own Messi
  11. [quote user="Shyster"]As a wide man he plays like Huckerby, but obviously he''s not nearly as quick - for too many seasons now we''ve lacked two wingers on the pitch who give great width at the same time - like Huckerby, Hoolahan is always looking to come inside giving us a lopsided look to our play, and cuter teams on the day found us out and would negate the threat of Croft/the opposing flank early on. Keep Hoolahan if he''s going to be utilised in an effective role behind the forwards, but he might as well go otherwise.[/quote] The problem being with Hux we could get away with it because you knew he would contribute goals and assists, all Hoolahan does is run into blind alleys time and time again, clearly there''s skill there but no pace and very one footed, the team has looked better without him, personally I''d sell to bring some extra pace into the team
  12. What''s happening with ''Man in the Stands'' and some of the other blogs which are giving error messages
  13. [quote user="Salopian"]Many of us admire the skill of Hooly, and the way he can produce something out of nothing. [/quote]   Yep generally possession and a goal for the other team
  14. [quote user="Pboro_Canary"] For me Brian Hamilton was even worse than Roeder (who did at least manage a dozen good games at the start).  Hamilton was the wrong man, appointed on the cheap, tactically clueless and with a seeming inability to spot total pants players even when their uselessness was as plain as the nose on his pug ugly face.  Come to think of it, he rather set the tone for a lot of what was to follow... [/quote] Agree totally, despite all that''s followed, watching us under Hamiliton was my personal most depressing time as a city fan (Cottee, Walsh , Derveld etc, the loss of Bellamy), hearing him as an ''expert'' sumariser on the radio turns my stomach
  15. to a circus, apparently there''s a market there for a one footed show pony
  16. [quote user="Dean Coneys boots"]or does he think Curo is a man with confidence shot to bits who, by being built up, might return to the heights of his Colu days?[/quote] on Curo....he''s 34, legs have gone, and if a 34 year old can''t sort his head out then I despair, he''s been woeful for 2 seasons. on Maric...surely club should have insisted he takes intensive English lessons as part of his contract.
  17. Theo - not good enough, and if isn''t going to ket picked should be bought out and shipped off Steer - too young Alnwick - injury looks like keeping him out for a week or two (with a potential immediate recall by Spurs always a threat) Rudd - has England commitments, plus is untested a loan move for a keeper was always on the cards, but I''d have expected someone older, that said Forster has already played 4 games at this level this season so fitness/awareness shouldn''t be a problem
  18. [quote user="Camuldonum"] [quote user="Brendan"]And i think its good what they did. Well at least i thought they just trapped the willwall fans in, then let the hammers fans run around, then theres no violence on the pitch. The west ham fans wont fight with each other!? surely... Cheeky bast**d for west ham though, the young black fella, celebrated in front of the millwall fans. Not a good idea!!![/quote] When you grow up you are not going to be a neuro-surgeon are you? [:|] [/quote] a case of ''Physician heal thyself''
  19. We should see how hard these ''top boys'' (sic) are, round them up and stick them on a flight to Afghanistan, I''d wager the fat forty somethings would be wetting themselves within 5 minutes
  20. Hoolahan is the most over rated player we''ve had. The only place you could play him where he doesn''t destroy the shape of our team is behind the front 1 or 2, unfortunately he''s too slow and greedy to play that role either, simply is not a team player and not good enough to play as an individual, always caught in possession, contributes very little in terms of goals and assists. Sell and spend the money elsewhere (a proper partner for Holt and another RB)
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