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  1. @JayNCFC, what a wonderful wedding present that is! I managed to win the auction (luckily) on ebay for Holt''s press conference signed shirt and framed it up for my bedroom wall. I''ve always wondered if this is the first Norwich shirt Holt put on and if it''s this shirt he''s wearing in this picture: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/n/norwich/8164517.stm I like to think of that press conference day as one of the many important days for this club in its recent history...hehehe
  2. Stan James were offering 2 (evens) for Norwich to finish top 15 this year, a ridiculous price considering it placed us equal to Cardiff. Not surprised they''ve adjusted to 1.73 (8/11) ;) Btw best price for us to finish top 10 this season is 5/1
  3. The mirror usually releases news on norwich that turns out to be right. James Nursey is there too and he seems reliable when breaking news on norwich.
  4. Grant Holt''s signed press conference shirt. I like to think of it as the first norwich shirt he put on.
  5. That lad for Russia called ''Arshavin'' looks like a good player. Seems like he''d work his socks off for his club. Oh wait..
  6. [quote user="smooth"]I would rather a strong, athletic, disruptive, agressive midfielder came in who can organise our midfield and break up ataacks, provide the ball to our attacking players and be that presence. I just feel when the opposition is attacking he is not good enough and I cannot think of any game where he has put in a dominant midfield showing. For me that is what I feel we need.[/quote] Can''t someone on twitter just tell him to get down to the gym a bit and bulk up, so he''s hard as nails? Would save us a bit of money. Diet and gym managed to get fatty into shape...
  7. Let''s face it, our football club was never going to be ''Lambert''s Norwich'' in the same way that we have Fergus'' Utd, Moyes'' Everton, Wenger''s Arsse, Pulis'' Stoke etc. If Mackay starts off well and does do well then we may have something good in our hands. A manager that might be able to retain our Prem League status whilst the club expands the stadium and broadens the fanbase with the club''s sustainability the core aim. A manager that would have the full understanding of our club, who would not have his head easily turned by extraneous factors and potentially recreate some stability similar to that of Moyes and co. I''d like to think that we have perversely used Lambert''s ambition (together with good fortune) to get us where we are and now we both part ways in the direction that we both want to head. Lambert''s ambition is myopic, our''s is not. Of course, whether Malky Mackay is the right manager to sustain long run (football) stability is an impossibly hard decision but I hold full faith that David McNally, who has proved himself before with Lambert''s appointment, will make the right decision after assessing all risk and uncertainty.
  8. What odds can I get for top 10 finish or what should they be (trying to get a match on betfair)? Also, anyone know what''s the odds are for top 15 finish?
  9. Given that Paul''s changed his stance on "young and hungry" to now just "hungry", there could be some legs in this.
  10. What figure do you guys reckon we could get him for??
  11. hehe, just done a quick cheeky youtube search looky what I found.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERNt0ai50l8 I still love him though.
  12. Won 90 yesterday. Invested 50 back on for us to lift the trophy. Unfortunately I didn''t have as much optimism and belief as some of you guys to put us on to win the league at the beginning of the season. You reckon we can bribe the FA with our (potential) winnings to deduct points off QPR haha!?
  13. [quote user="lincoln canary"]holt and hoolahan need to get in the game[/quote] i agree, get hoolahan more in the game and we''ll get that final ball. Been good so far.
  14. I did! After winning money from Norwich winning league one, I decided in invest in them again. I placed a double on Norwich to finish top 6 and for Southampton to win league one at odds of 10/1. I backed that up with Norwich promotion at 5/1. Looks like I''ve missed out on the double otherwise I would''ve bagged myself a nice half grand! I made quite a few pennies last season from backing Norwich to win when we went one goal down on more than one occasion. I don''t know why I didn''t do the same this season though. Bit silly of me ain''t it?
  15. I say enforce 100% income tax! As long as everyone gets what they want from the government, everyone''s happy!!
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