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  1. Was reading it while having a sh*t at a friend''s house the other day. A tedious and deluded book but... I quote: "What really upset us (Man U) was that these players would be up for it against us, but not for the rest of the season. Maybe if they tried like that every week they wouldn''t end up playing for f*****g Norwich or Swindon." Only one mention of Ipswich, the 9-0. One mention of Lambo too, think it was something about him winning the European Cup by beating Man U in the semi, and stopping Keane from ever playing in a final. Something like that anyway. OTBC.    
  2. Lest we forget, we did drop through 2 divisions after signing the Doc. There was also no shortage of people calling for him to go on here after our last game against a proper team (Sunderland). Good luck to the fella but I back Lambo''s decision on both financial and footballing grounds. OTBC.
  3. Sadly I think having to end his career early due to injury has made him a very bitter man. Very well suited to Leeds, they are welcome to him. Anyone who defends Mills clearly wasn''t at the Charlton away game a few years back. Silly little man with too much time on his hands.
  4. [quote user="The Irish Messi"]Found the Delia interview quite interesting, saying watch this space about funds for next year. Surely not another false dawn?[/quote] I think you will find it will be.
  5. Just about sums our support up I''m afraid. Still, at least it will get back to normal next season when we are sh*t again as there''s 600 of us at Burnley. OTBC.
  6. The fact this is even being discussed and people are making suggestions that fans should have season tickets taken away is pathetic and embarrassing as is the fact that our own fans booed and shouted off, off, off. Just another sign of how sanitised Carrow Road and football in general have become. Many of our plastic fans simply don''t have a clue about traditional football culture and what its all about. Just about EVERY teams fans outside the premiership invade the pitch when their team gets promoted/wins the league. Most clubs don''t even bother to try and stop it. The fact so few of our fans felt they were able to do so says it all about our support to be honest but the fact 30 or 40 people ran on the pitch for 20 seconds or so before going back to their seats so the celebrations could continue would not even merit a mention at most clubs. It was harmless and barely an incident. If anyone gets banned for running on the pitch then (unless they smacked a steward in the face or somethingto run on) it will be an utter joke and totally disproportionate to what is a minor and, in the circumstances I would say understandable indiscretion. i very much hope that the club takes a common sense approach on this occasion.
  7. [quote user="Canary_on_the Trent"][quote user="Clean Shirt"]people getting caught up in the moment works for me and fairly accurate too. Cant blame em[/quote]Come off it, that''s not an excuse, those discussing it beforehand, were they caught in the moment?[/quote] There were some people near me that even stood up to celebrate the goals. Sub-human scum.
  8. A good idea and will free up seats in the Jarrold as if small away followings can all be put in front of hotel, we don''t need a partition.
  9. A "small club to the north of you" has just been promoted. See you next season ****.
  10. Remember him saying how he had to move on to a "bigger challenge"....wonder what has changed...
  11. [quote user="West Ham Canary"]As a former Wimbledon season ticket holder I would love to see us put goal after goal past the fakes[/quote] West Ham Canary, a former Wimbledon season ticket holder. Scooby Do is less confused than you pal.
  12. The moaning yesterday was absurd. Sadly a large section of our support are idiots. Very short memories.
  13. When your biggest ever game is a testimonial you know it''s tinpot League one: http://www.refworld.com/referee/144/1/eddie-ilderton
  14. I''m afraid it''s drivel. To deal with the slow death of their club Leeds fans have created this argument that somehow they represent "real" football. It is the rest of football that is wrong, and they are right... Norwich City? Passionless? Not according to most reports of the game, who praised our support. Certainly louder than the reverse fixture last year at an empty (no but they are massive fans really) Elland Road. They are like a sad old 50-year-old in Chigacos on a Saturday night trying to chase 21-year-old girls. Past it, pathetic and boring. RIP Leeds.
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