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  1. Good afternoon fellow Pinkun Posters I need your help. As we brilliantly beat the lot down the road! I am currently purchasing tickets for Wembley. I need a customer number so my dad can come as he informed me he didn''t renew his blooming membership! I''ve spent 2 hours on hold to get told that''s tough s**t and to wait till Wednesday. However As a long shot if any of you kind guys or girls can''t make it. Im willing to pay up to £25 for your number. Please help! So i can be the best son in the world! PM if you can help! Kind regards Canarydan82
  2. As my tag line suggests, it feels like ages since we played and I was sitting here thinking about the team line-up for saturday. My thoughts are;                       Ruddy Martin   Ward   Whitbread   Tierney                        Fox              Crofts   Surman                      Hoolohan                Vokes   Holt Bench: Steer, Drury, Smith, Gill, Pacheco, Jackson, Mcnamee. I can see Vokes starting with Pacheco coming off the bench to make an impact, this game will be tight and not easy. A very hard game in my opinion. Thoughts people???  
  3. Leon Barnett given 2 match extra ban after defeat against Portsmouth Nelson to carry on? http://www.canaries.co.uk/page/NewsDetails/0,,10355~2249675,00.html
  4. I moved down to London from Norfolk 6 months ago and I haven''t been able to see Crystal Palace away for years. As boxing day and new years eve for So im hoping that its called off as im back in norfolk for boxing day. Bring on the snow in London thats what I say!!  
  5. Ok just got home from the match and was ok, not going to read too much into it Hoolahan outstanding again, Crofts likes a tackle and good to see Holt back, defence was a bit ropey but hopefully looking well to hold our own in the championship. But my main point is with Jackson, he was lively, quick, held the ball up well and was always aware. He made room for his self for shots which is always admirable and the signs of a good striker, BUT my god he needs to brush up on his shooting! I counted 6 shots and there was only really one anywhere near the target! So potentially very good, change his boots and back to the training ground. Expecting big things once he gets 1 or 2. OTBC
  6. Pitman - Oh dear Is he better than Johnson or Cody Dont think so!
  7. Is press conference happening? Are we signing anybody? Anyone in the know?
  8. you obviously dont know anything about football then?
  9. [quote user="ryan1992"] [quote user="Canarydan82"]Does anybody know the latest score?[/quote] Its not on till tomorrow night [/quote] Thats a good point sorry everyone
  10. [quote user="Tim Allman"] For the MK game there were at least 60 people in there for the football, mostly supporting Norwich. As regards the drink, they had Carling and Stella on tap. For the bitter drinkers they had two Adnams beers on. The Bottle fridge looked very empty, but did contain loads of Diamond White (very popular with the local tramps I''ve heard!) The food is normally decent pub grub, and they handed out some free nibbles during the second half too.   [/quote] Thanks very much, see u there, ill buy u a pint - ill be wearing the yellow and green shirt
  11. will be watching the Leeds game in the Offside Bar in Islington, London My mate told me its the Capital canaries HQ for watching football? Im from Norwich and I am working in London next week, Just wondered how many fans will be there?
  12. I gaurantee it will be on Soccer Am on Saturday after the League 1 goals round up, Max or Hels bells will say "what was that all about" so they will phone him and ask him "what was that all about" Regular viewers of Soccer Am will know what im on about We will find out next Saturday around 9.45am Mark my words
  13. sorry my laptop is now being launched through the window
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