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  1. So we drop Ruddy, and Rudd comes in and chucks one in during his next match, then what? Steer or another keeper on loan? If we were losing games then you need to look at changing lineups etc but we are 3rd, 3rd for chrissake yet still were looking for scapegoats...Ruddy not good enough and ''the jury''s still out on Ward'', C Martin lazy, Holt not fit, R Martin not good enough Jesus wept, it''s amazing were not bottom with these bunch of cloggers
  2. In Selwyn''s defense he is not a scummer, he is simply a village idiot
  3. Shudder at the idea of canary callers pronouncing the word Khune
  4. They allow this message board to exist so all the nasty small minded biggots can vent there filth in one place rather than out in the real world...
  5. [quote user="Lord Flashheart"][quote user="Jim Kent"]The other interesting factor is it seems he is coming here to be first choice and not merely backup to Drury. He talks about not getting a run of games at Rangers so I can''t imagine he has come here to sit on the bench.[/quote] Perhaps not but I think Mr Lambert will pick the best player for that position on the day. Two quality left-backs competing for a place - it''s about time! [Y] [/quote] Lets hope we see a decent right back to match
  6. He''ll go to where all over the hill players on big salaries end up, Celtic
  7. Booing at football is about ignorance and general lack of respect in society it has nothing to do with historical grievance...if it did our anthem would be booed wherever we go. Atrocities carried out by the English / British are comparable with any of those mentioned on here (google the 1943 Bengal famine for an example of what we are capable of as a race even in recent history)
  8. [quote user="Jim Kent"]On this list he is third favourite at 8/1 - it could happen.[/quote] I would laugh until a little bit of wee came out if that happens
  9. [quote user="evertoniancolufan"]Note to Norwich, this is how you appoint a manager, Aidy is now speaking to them AFTER compensation has been agreed. We''ll get compensation for Lambert''s replacement before Lambert himself FFS! [/quote] Note to Col Who. You''re such a tin pot little outfit that even a mediocre hoofer of a manager can''t wait to get out of Dodge. Who will you go for next, has the physio got his badges?
  10. Michael Watt is the worst I''ve ever seen in the flesh....or Crichton under floodlights
  11. [quote user="Salahuddin"] [quote user="First Wizard"]No ruddy foreingers pleas3e.[/quote]   A fair point Wiz, our history with foreign players has not been great, Hamilton signed a load and nobody could forget Big Dave And Goran Maric in a hurry! However I really believe that the fault lies with the manager and scouting team really because clearly a lot of foreign players provide a cheaper (and often better) alternative to homegrown players. I am not saying we should do an Arsenal but I am sure with Lambert at the helm, any foreign players we do get will be the "right ones" as opposed to the Strihavka''s of this world..... [/quote] The difference is Koren is proven in this country at this level, he always looks a class act when I''ve seen him
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