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  1. You got a problem with that?you want a dance dont you?
  2. Is your source more reliable than the one you had last time just before the transfer window closed?What''s the point?
  3. More to the point ,i wonder who Martin and Spillane dressed up as for the fancy dress party?
  4. Anyone remember ''Sing up the Cardboard''.
  5. So everyone knows once and for all,maybe it wont come up anymore now,ok with you?
  6. I''m sick of seeing this raised on so many threads throughout the last few months,now we waived Ashtons England apperance clause which was about 125k,we still have a sell on for Green this being 15% of any profit.
  7. It''s an early one,perhaps there''s going to be another one later on?
  8. [quote user="Whats a right winger"]He was one of them interviewed at the Castle. said he grew up a City fan watching Cully & Crook and the parade was a dream come true. Just words I know but came across genuine. Also he is a bit of a joker. At the PFA awards he was on tele behind Joe Hart with a sort of Groucho Marks disguise, apparentley one of about 10 he had with him & kept changing[/quote] He told a porky then.He''s a Liverpool fan.
  9. Had his debut for Lincoln at the weekend and according to some was MOM,another year on loan would do him and us some good.Lincoln fans are also impressed with super Chris as manager,a future city boss?
  10. Or perhaps they''d go for Keano,would be a shame as he ''s doing so well for the scum.ha.
  11. At least Grant had the decency to leave when he knew he wasn''t up to it,just a pity Worthington,Roeder and Gunn didn''t.
  12. I played at Carra in the summer and the slope was there then.
  13. Maybe that''s the reason we haven''t signed anyone,perhaps they''re waiting to see how much they have to pay before making higher bids for certain players ie Seabourne and Mcmanee.
  14. He was up until his booking,after that that he kept giving the ball away and was lucky to stay on.
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