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  1. Gunn Stacey / Duffy / Gibson / McCallum McLean / Nunez Fassnact / Sara / Sainz Barnes
  2. Signed for Doncaster City. Alongside Charlie Mulgrew and Ross McCormmack!
  3. Am I right in stating Rashica has changed from 12 to 14?
  4. Unfortunately it feels like the fans aren’t important anymore. Money is the key in football and the majority comes from broadcasting rights. Although I don’t understand why Sky would want to show our games.
  5. McLean at left back will mean he gets injured and misses loads of games 🧐
  6. Newcastle have had a £40m bid rejected. Leicester want £60m, can see this happening. What would we be set to gain from a sell on?
  7. Read somewhere that Villa had a bid of €30m turned down back in 2019 and they certainly know what players to buy
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