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  1. "It looks to me like he retweeted by accident, when he meant to reply - as straight after was a reply to the guy, saying how much the appreciate the support etc etc. so I''d not read that much into it." McNally often retweets things like this to gauge reaction from other fans. I think its a great way to get general opinion of the fans.
  2. I''d hope for £5mil to be honest. They paid £4mil for Walters...
  3. Bunn Martin Bassong Turner Garrido Fox Tettey Snoddy Wes Pilks/E.Bennett Holt
  4. Here''s his soccer AM interview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7k0HSEpkVx0 He refers to the old farm derby being "football at its greatest", he clearly knows what he is on about! I''m pretty sure his mum is a fan or something, and lives in the area. Good enough reason as any!
  5. [quote user="TIL 1010"][quote user="Wooftie"]I would love this to be true... Would love to set up a strong connection with the Netherlands, it makes sense given our geographical location. Players could easily fly home from Norwich airport [/quote] Please remember the stick Grant Holt gets for popping up to Carlisle. [/quote] To be honest, the trip to Holland would be quicker than the trip to Carlisle (Depending where abouts in Holland, of course). Its a 50 minute flight to Amsterdam... You could barely get to Elveden in that time!
  6. I would love this to be true... Would love to set up a strong connection with the Netherlands, it makes sense given our geographical location. Players could easily fly home from Norwich airport where check in times are next to nothing. We''d be an attractive club as a stepping stone, not too much pressure - an ability to prove themselves in the EPL. Now with RVW joining, it would no doubt be something to swing fellow Dutch towards our club
  7. The away ticket allocations really need to be looked at. I live in London, come back to 90% of home games and go to all London away games, including a few further afield (including Newcastle away), but don''t make ten a season. Why I shouldn''t be allowed to go to one of the best away days of the season is a joke, when others who only want to go to this one can. Besides, having to physically hand in ten stubs is an archaic method. Why can''t we have some sort of loyalty points system, like EVERY OTHER CLUB in the top flight. The same thing happened last season, and I ended up having to get a ticket in the home end. To be honest tickets should just be first come first served, with them being released to different groups first depending on which group they are allocated to.
  8. Tettey was quality breaking up the play today, as well as taking players on and even beat a few players a couple of times, though his passing today was poor. He needs to put in some hours on the training ground to improve that, just to not give the ball away. To be honest today, Bradley Johnson was pretty anonymous, thought that maybe fox could have been brought on around 70 mins in to keep us ticking, as they hadn''t really looked threatening up till then.
  9. I believe that the fact Pilks was selected by Ireland u21 does not stop him changing loyalties before he gets picked for the full international side (Eg. Emmanuel Frimpong has represented England at youth level, but I believe he''s pledged allegiance to Ghana). Part of me wants to believe thats why he pulled out of the Ireland squad - with some phantom injury, because he either has had some interest from the England camp. To be honest, a premier league winger with 8 goals should be in there. If Downing had scored 8 goals then he''d be rated as the world''s best winger by Roy
  10. Provided he wasn''t on silly wages, he wouldn''t harm our squad. I wouldn''t mind him here
  11. Rudd is in the England U21s, think that''ll be why Steer is starting. I''m pretty sure the U21s have gone on international duty
  12. I''d argue that he was also good v Fulham away. He charged down everything, blocked a couple of kicks from Schwarzer, won loads and loads of flick ons. Looks like a motivated player this season.
  13. I''m sure I read/heard somewhere he donates all his bonuses to Help for Heroes. I think he also said that if football hadn''t have worked out for him he would have joined up to the army. Sounds like a great guy!
  14. I really hope Vaughan gets a chance. He looked good in pre-season and really hungry for an oppurtunity to impress. Hopefully we''ll go back to two up top, Vaughan and Holt/Morison.
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