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  1. [quote user="Norfolk Mustard"]Surely there''s more to this than outsiders can see? Maybe Brentford''s financial dealer-turned coach has reached the limit of his personal ability. Even so, tampering whilst the team is in a play-off position seems very strange timing! At least Southampton ensured Nigel Adkins had taken them to the promised land before dismissing him... [/quote]I think that there is something in this line of thinking, though perhaps more so from a perspective that the ''limit'' is regarding his time at Brentford specifically more so than in his career as a manager. From listening to people ''in the game'' (which I must admit is not a concept I am particularly fond of) it appeared quite clear to me, and to Mark Warburton himself, that if Brentford were to be promoted to the PL under Warburton then it had to be this season. Apparently, before starting his career as a manager but after accruing his fortune in the currency markets of The City of London, Mark Warburton travelled outside of the UK and developed his ideas and ''philosophy'' of the game, culminating in the production of a 150-page document. Warburton himself stated that he never changes from this way of playing, which is predominantly a 4-3-3, just with the odd tinkering or changing of specific aspects *.Of course this does not prove that he cannot change from this way of playing. Nevertheless, to me at least, it seems to be the case that Matthew Benham ** sees that a change is necessary in the longer term and that the best approach is to adopt a so-called ''continental'' Head Coach structure. Combined with the apparent short-term window of opportunity for promotion to the PL to be achieved under Warburton, it would make sense for the chairman to seek a change to this longer term strategy. Of course I doubt he wanted this train of thought to be aired in the public via the printed press, but ultimately it is his decision as chairman and owner of the club. * This may be one of the reasons why MW was not approached by the NCFC hierarchy to become Norwich''s new manager. Of course his Brentford side went on to win 2-1 at Carrow Road a few weeks later...** Coincidentally, for anyone interested in this further, I''ve recently finished reading a great book titled ''The Nowhere Men'', which is about football scouts and the scouting industry. The book was written a few years ago now, and as such at the time of writing Warburton was still Brentford''s Sporting Director; however it provides a really good account of his work ''behind the scenes'' at Brentford (such as establishing the highly successful Next-Gen competition) and a great insight into the vision and workings of Matthew Benham, the Brentford chairman, who appears to strongly favour the ''statistical'' and ''numbers'' side of the game. As a Sporting Director Mark Warburton would be an outstanding appointment for most clubs, though I am of course aware that no vacancy currently exists for this position at NCFC.
  2. The thing that annoys me most about Danny Mills is the amount of times he sighs before talking. It''s always "uhh...hmm, you''know, I just don''t think.....". I also agree with a previous poster, that I don''t really see what benefit he brings to these television and radio shows. They often mention that he went to the 2002 World Cup - well funnily enough a few hundred players also went to that competition!!
  3. For anyone interested in the background workings of NCFC in recent years, this brilliant book on football scouting by Michael Calvin is well worth a read. In particular interest for Norwich fans will be a short section on Ewan Chester on pages 242 - 248, concerning player recruitment following Chris Hughton''s appointment as Norwich manager, ironically followed in the next chapter by a profile of Chester''s replacement and current Head of Recruitment (not sure on specific title) at Norwich, Barry Simmonds. The book itself is worth a read by any football fan, and since most of it seems to have been written based on research which is now a few years old, it can be interesting to see which familiar names started off behind the scenes of football clubs (i.e. Mark Warburton).
  4. [quote user="Ray"]What I noticed yesterday, even in the first half, was that we appeared to be playing at a quicker tempo, insomuch there was more only 1 or 2 touch football, no-one appeared to be dallying on the ball. When Redmond came on I must admit I had my concerns, because in the past he tended to want the ball to his feet, which slowed the game down, but yesterday he appeared to be prepared to accept the ball in space, which of course meant he was running onto it at pace and then going to the byline (something else he had done far too little of IMO). The result of this change was evident, as far as I''m concerned I don''t care if he never cuts inside again, as long as he sticks to the touchline, accepts the ball in space and crosses from the byline. If he does that then we will score 5 or more a few more times this season. I wonder if this was Phelan being instrumental in his ommission last week, to give him a kick up the backside and to work on his game throughout the week. BTW, I thought Redmond spoke very well in the Gunn Club and sort of admitted his failings and how he was learning all the time. I also thought our CB''s did a superb job on Holty, he really didn''t get much of a look in and I think that was testament to RM and CC, who are looking like a strong CB partnership to me, it remains to be seen whether RB will slot in and if so who will make way? All round I was pleased with what I saw, OK we won 5 - 0 so who wouldn''t be pleased, but I''m refering to the manner/style of play, IMO we are moving very quickly into serious contenders again.[/quote]I think the most obvious choice would be to move Martin to RB and have a CB partnership of R. Bennett and Cuéllar. This would mean Whittaker dropping out of the team, which I don''t think would be considered an all-too unpopular move by many fans...
  5. ... and if Phelan is successful it does not necessarily mean he''d be successful without Adams.
  6. Perhaps he''d already booked his kids in for swimming lessons up in Manchester and they''ve just ended?
  7. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/30127648
  8. Norwich Airport website shows arrival from Luton at 15:16. Flight "SXN" which if I remember correctly is what the club have used before on transfer deadline day etc?
  9. I work in the concourse so it was pretty much impossible for me to observe the silence when serving customers, there were quite a lot of people in the concourse at the time of the silence but overall I don''t think anybody was particularly noisy or explicitly rude or disruptive.
  10. [quote user="Parma Hams gone mouldy"]Ron, I don''t say you''re wrong. In fact in a "scoring system" Tettey would likely come out on top. Under a succession of managers, playing different styles, different formations and different levels, he has consistently played a high proportion of the games. He is what I would call a "structural" player, who allows other tactics and approaches to be created because what he can do, he does do. If you are pinning me down to criticise Neil, I would say he has a bit too much freedom this season. It is the role that is the important thing for me, not the individual. I don''t want someone good in the role, I want someone limited.... Parma[/quote]I find this quite interesting. I''ve been reading a really good book about football tactics recently, and when you look at the development of the English game, this idea of "being limited as a positive" was important in the tactics of some of the successful managers in the early 20th century. The idea of being limited overall as a footballer but able to successfully fulfill a particular role, rather than being a better footballer but less inclined for a certain role or position. It''s an interesting contrast: focussing on the tactical system, or on getting as many good players on the pitch as possible. Something that was debated for quite a few years in the whole "Can Gerrard and Lampard play together for England" debate.And yes, please continue with these threads Parma! I''m also interested in listening to the views and thoughts of others, particularly those who know what they''re talking about. [:)]
  11. The news from this is that all FL matches will have yellow balls from this weekend until the end of February regardless of the weather conditions. This represents a change from usual practice whereby these balls would only usually be used when required by weather or lighting conditions.This is therefore NOT simply saying "bright coloured balls used in winter months", which I agree would be a non-story.Despite this, I reckon it''s still a more interesting thread than most that I see on here. And will prepare those expecting white balls at matches through the winter.And most importantly, will we see yellow balls at Carrow Road tomorrow evening? I''ll be checking the TV monitors in the concourses when the match kicks off with the utmost attention.[:D]
  12. Previously it was up to the match officials to decide whether to use a different colour match-day ball on the day, depending on weather conditions. Now it''s pre-determined that all Football League matches until the end of February will use these balls regardless of weather conditions.As to your question regarding whether this is news or not: the link I posted in the original post is filed under "News" on the FL website, so I''m guessing it is. [;)]
  13. Saw recently that the Football League have confirmed that all of their fixtures through until the end of February will use a yellow version of their match-day ball, regardless of whether it''s needed (i.e. for visibility purposes in snow, bad weather etc).http://www.football-league.co.uk/news/article/2014/20141029mitremovemberrp-2048396.aspx
  14. Reported on 5 Live that Clattenburg has been taking statements from a Leeds player and Jerome, apparently Jerome has alleged that he was racially abused by the Leeds player, hence the hold up during the first half. I did wonder what was going on, particularly considering the long talking to that Clattenburg gave to some of the Leeds players.
  15. Well as far as I''m aware Bassong was actually born in Paris, France. Of course that''s not to say that he doesn''t have family in Cameroon. But I think regardless of the financial situation of his family, wherever they are in the world, he is not doing his chances of earning more in the future any good by sitting on his contract and letting it wind down, whilst doing the bare minimum to ensure he can''t be dismissed.
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