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  1. I have been out of the country for a week but I appear to have missed the opportunity to vote this season. Was this heavily promoted/advertised by the club? I missed it completely although it was never going to be an overly exhilarating experience this season.
  2. That blackbird was fearless, had great movement off the ball, sensed where the ball was going to come from that was almost instinctive and he got himself into space to receive the ball on a regular basis. Hope to see him return on a regular basis to brighten up the mood.
  3. Ha ha. My dad told me the time to make sure that I arrive early enough to see our first two goals and I said that it had probably been brought forward early because Chelsea wanted to get home early.
  4. I know the reason for the rearranging but this is an unusual start time. Is it on TV?
  5. I saw that and I thought he could be off for the challenge. But VAR is subjective isn’t it! Expected Taylor to be a better ref than he was, quite frankly I felt he was poor. Ajer could have been sent off for two yellows in the first half but he allowed him to continue to make fouls with no consequences.
  6. That penalty call by Mariner was a disgrace as our boss stated after the game so I’m pleased that such a bad decision didn’t come in a six pointer game coming up v Burnley or Newcastle.
  7. Is there not a change to the rules regarding loans coming up with the number allowed out from each club? Or did I dream this? Please ignore if I've missed this being mentioned in the thread.
  8. My son (who is 29) was able to have a season ticket as a child to begin his support of our club for a very small amount of money. When his children arrive it would be lovely for him to be able to do the same but the limited capacity and availability of tickets will make that hard. Our supporter base must be gradually getting older and older and we will be missing out on that next generation as things stand. The existing main stand is an embarrassment and made worse by it being seen opposite the cameras at each game. With interest rates at historic lows and the possibility of another bond scheme to help fund it, cannot the club take a long term view and be able to manage loan repayments over ten to fifteen years to get that larger stand in soon.
  9. This is undoubtedly true and cannot be underestimated in such a crunch match. I would also add that I’m not sure if Tim would have been able to save any of the goals v Arsenal and Palace so let’s support Angus.
  10. I'm pretty sure that Dean Smith said that Kabak would not be able to play twice in 48 hours so will need to be ruled out of the side/squad tomorrow. That may be why Sorensen did not play yesterday.
  11. Sadly it is a maximum of only one point from me. Our Covid cases and injuries are not going to help us for sure. Other reasons: We always lose on Boxing Day and the gunners are in top form currently. Even when we were on the way to winning the title in league one all those years ago now and the recent Championship title seasons we still managed to lose or drop points on Boxing Day. Our record at Selhurst Park is abysmal and Leicester have found form and are effectively a top six side. I wish I could be more optimistic, this is simply realism. Perhaps one point is actually being optimistic. Please convince me otherwise. Maybe Dean Smith will be able to turn around our normal Christmas form? I do hope so! And I can see us putting out our under 23s team for the FA Cup game.
  12. Not in my school, but I played football against John Fashanu. At the time he was bang average and we lost 1-0. However, the year before Justin came to our school and scored six in the first half and was taken off to give us a chance.
  13. My all time hero is Kevin the cat Keelan. Others I would include - For inspirational: Has anyone mentioned Martin O'Neill? He almost single-handedly got us promoted in1981 when he arrived late on in that season, on loan from memory. And he scored that magnificent late winner at Pootlaoo Road from a free kick in a later spell. I would add Grant Holt to this section For class: Martin Peters, Darren Huckerby, Ian Culverhouse, Ian Crook, Emi Buendia For dependable: Mark Bowen, Adam Drury For attitude and fire: Robert Fleck For leadership: Duncan Forbes, David Stringer, Dave Watson, Steve Bruce, Malky McKay, Craig Fleming, Dion Dublin, Iwan Roberts For being unsung but reliable: Colin Suggett, Gary Holt (three lungs) For breaking my heart when leaving: Hugh Curran, Kevin Reeves, and loads more
  14. Just don't get why Farke was given the push so soon after the game on Saturday if another coach was not already lined up to replace him straightway.
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