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  1. Mutley

    Sheffield United game

    Very much appreciated TC!
  2. Mutley

    Sheffield United game

    Thanks. Is that game televised then? Part of Amazon Prime’s coverage?
  3. Just noticed that the home game v Sheffield United has been moved from Saturday 7th Dec to Sunday 8th Dec with a 2pm kick off. It’s not down as a televised match to my knowledge. Anyone know why it’s been changed?
  4. Yes, I like our higher position in this one and leaving a certain historic team in our tracks. Our aim must be to reach and then keep in the top 20 of this league.
  5. I think that the table is bang up to date. Yes, for every Premiership season we lose out on four games (38) to all of the clubs in the old first division (42) days. Ipswich made it to the top flight about ten years before us explaining their extra games although as you say by the end of the season we will match them for seasons in there. Our next target is the points total.
  6. Thanks for your comments - I had to give my son and future son in law who are both aged 27 a few history lessons when I shared the table with them! I agree with the point re MK Dons - they shouldn’t really be in the list it should be Wimbledon. Sad to see someone like Bury FC in the list with over 800 games and no longer in existence. Notts County was a surprise to me having played more games than us in the top flight. That must have been a long time ago. Of course when a club came into existence needs to be factored into the table as well. And for you young uns, you’ve never had it so good really as we only made it into the top flight for the first time in 1972.
  7. Found this table v interesting: https://www.worldfootball.net/alltime_table/eng-premier-league/ Everton have played more games in the First Division/Premiership than anyone else. Liverpool lead the table on points gained closely followed by the gunners. We need to survive this season to overtake the boys from Suffolk in the amount of games played in the top flight. Some teams in this table that you might find v surprising if you’re under 30. Enjoy...
  8. Mutley

    Crystal Palace Tickets

    Restricted view still for sale a moment ago.
  9. Mutley

    Currently 16th In The Table.

    Struggling to work out why this site still has us in the bottom three.
  10. Mutley

    Leo Vegas......now dafabet

    I for one Indy would certainly buy one. Why cannot the club give the supporters this option? I would be willing to pay a bit extra - the club could then make a great PR stunt by saying that they will donate the extra money raised by these shirt sales to an organisation educating people about the dangers of gambling and supporting those that are in recovery from it.
  11. Mutley

    Leo Vegas......now dafabet

    I want to be able to wear a shirt that does not promote something that I have personally seen destroy the lives of many people. I have no issues with anyone else that does not think like me about this but simply telling you how I feel. It just doesn't sit comfortably with me. Surely the club could produce and allow supporters to purchase adult shirts with the youth sponsor on it as an alternative? I would be prepared to pay more for the shirt if necessary. I am saddened that I am unable to now buy our shirt again due to this sponsorship. There must be others out there that are refusing to buy the shirts like me because of a gambling company on the front of it.
  12. Mutley

    All 93...

    Absolutely awesome watch! Thanks for posting!
  13. Mutley

    Kenny kenny McLean

    Classy finish and he nearly scored before that with the volley that just went over.
  14. Mutley

    Sky money v Gate receipts

    I believe the home club receive £100,000 and the away club £10,000.
  15. Mutley

    Under the radar (?)

    It’s working really well for us to still not be the team that everyone is talking about. Listening to five live sports report tonight the big game was villa v derby in the championship and that special goal by Jack. We were almost overlooked, I can’t imagine Leeds going top would get such little credit.