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  1. I'm just wondering when Max moves on that Jacob might become our first choice right back and being on his favoured side could be more effective going forward than when he played at left back. For me he has been outstanding coming into the side with only a few minutes notice, playing in a position he had never p[played in before and doing really well overall.
  2. That's a pain because on my previous Sky box I'm sure that I was able to do so.
  3. I will be unable to watch this live - anyone know if you can record it on the red button? I'm sure I have managed to do so in the past but I cannot seem to get my Sky Q box to schedule to record anything but the main/featured game at the moment.
  4. This is an interesting read. If we are aiming to be a top 26 club we still have some way to go with historic placings currently having us in 35th place: https://www.worldfootball.net/alltime_table/eng-premier-league/ To reach position 26 we will need to double our points tally in the top league by about 1,200 points. One season in the top flight will have us playing more games there than the binners but we will still need around 5 to 6 seasons in the Premier to overhaul their points total. There are some interesting clubs in the table, e.g. Darwen and Bradford Park Avenue. I was surprised at Grimsby being so high. Enjoy....
  5. Thanks for explaining.....that’s worrying as the likelihood is EMI will get another two yellow red before the end of the season. Will that mean a three game ban? Farke will be needing to always take him off after a yellow in future games now if he’s smart.
  6. Two game ban apparently? Why? It’s normally one isn’t it for two bookings in a game
  7. I'm not embarrassed to say that I was gutted when he walked out on us for Villa. I would have forgiven him if he had stayed another season and kept us in the Premier as a more established top flight club and moved on to a top six club but he didn't. He ran before it all went pear shaped. Those years when he was here must not be forgotten by us as they were some of the most exciting that I have seen as a supporter of over 50 years plus. However, there is no doubt that Culverhouse was the brains behind him. I used to sit behind the dugouts at that time and I cannot remember just how many games it was Culverhouse that was making most if not all of the changes, dragging us back into games, making tactical switches, and finding that late winner with inspirational substitutions. There is no doubt that without Culverhouse he is half the manager that he was. And BTW, it is not inconceivable that they could face each other in the dug out at league level in the next few seasons. I will never forget how Lambert came out at Colchester ahead of that 5-0 win in league one on that waterlogged pitch. It said everything about him - loving the animosity and almost stoking the angry Col U fans up even more. It wasn't pleasant to see and it was no surprise to me how he then acted at our place in our 3-0 win. I am forever telling the 1p5wich fans that live all around me that he is doing a great job with a big smile on my face. He just needs to keep winning the odd game here or there not to get the bullet from Marcus and the steady decline will continue of that massive three star club that live in the past century. He only needs those odd wins because whenever they win an odd game their supporters start talking like they are a Champions League team in the waiting - its the perfect recipe for him to stay for the entire length of his five year contract. It is not impossible to think that our clubs could be three leagues apart in the near future. Mind you, big Mick is available again and he might get the call to come back and breathe new life into that 'giant club'. Cough, cough.
  8. That will be v much appreciated - it is very odd for a football web site to not have a table of the league on it
  9. Yes, in these unprecedented days that would be useful. So am I correct in thinking from your responses that the Pink Un site does not have a league table?
  10. I'll take that result with Brentford being on the same games played as us and still being 3 points below us. They are due a defeat and a bad run that's comes to everyone and also they have an extra game with distraction to play or games (is it two legs this season?) with the league cup semi.
  11. Yes, that lovely table with us at the top, but where is it on the web site? There is a fixtures and results as a tab along the top but no table.
  12. Am I blind but I cannot seem to find the table on the pinkun web site. Please point me in the right direction, many thanks!
  13. Watched it also. Very uneventful in general - I agree the academy presentation was excellent.
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