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  1. I have no idea whether Jordan Rhodes would be a good signing for us. What I do know is that if he does sign, the fact that he played 10 games for Ipswich 10 years ago would have absolutely no effect on my reaction to him when he pulled on the Norwich colours. Anyone who has a problem with his past association with them in blue is simply a parochial bigot. And Waveney’s reaction is rather surprising, given his comments accusing others of racism. Or perhaps not surprising at all-I wonder what other prejudices he has. Can’t wait for the improved forum with the ignore button.
  2. I''m not sure where this idea that most people are ok with anyone being LGBT is coming from-they''re not. The number of LGB people who have experienced hate crimes/incidents per year increased by 80% from 2013 to 2017. 41% of Trans people have experienced a hate crime/incident in the last 12 months. I''m a B in the LGBT and I haven''t come out, and I''m not surprised that no current footballer has come out either.
  3. I think I saw you in the Catherine Wheel last week Leatherman-hope you had fun.
  4. Apologies to Rock The Boat, I assumed your comment about mental health was a derogatory one towards transgenders but you obviously know what you''re talking about.
  5. Well, I''m glad one bigot has outed himself Your card is marked from now on.
  6. [quote user="Rock The Boat"][quote user="KiwiScot"]This might sound a bit random, but I learned today that saying Chicks with Dicks is transphobic and you should just say woman or at most trans woman.[/quote] I would just call them mentally ill.[/quote] I do hope that''s a joke pal 😡😡😡
  7. [quote user="lake district canary"][quote user="daly"]Bloody hell the world has gone mad when you cannot call a black man a Black Man. Had it been the woman with the pink hair then I would have said the woman with the Pink hair/Pigtails/Warts etc[/quote]You can''t win, daly. The politically correct lobby want everyone to stop seeing what they are seeing, stop thinking what they are thinking and stop saying anything about what they are seeing or thinking. Only safe thing to do nowadays is for everyone to not to say anything to anybody about anything...... [/quote] Absolutely not-the politically correct lobby want an end to people being defined by their sex, race, religion, gender, colour or sexuality.
  8. Trump is trying to reverse legislation regarding LGBT issues-just hope that the general US public tells this intolerant bigot where to go-though I''m not holding my breath!
  9. You''ll be waiting a long time for that around Norfolk Number 9.
  10. No problem with same sex marriages, but women vicars? That''s immoral. Although Katie Hopkins would be ok, she would easily pass for a man.
  11. Good call Daly, although I prefer hold-ups or a body stocking.
  12. Never mind the meet up before, what about after? I''m going to Pink Punters, anyone else fancy it?
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