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  1. Herman, of course Britain can trade outside the EU but it has to fit in with a mountain of rules and regulations. I think it was the chairman of JCB who said trading with the rest of the world whilst having to keep within EU law was a nightmare. Anyway Herman, do you think we need an EU parliament? If yes I would be interested why.
  2. Evening men, if every euro MP had the same bee in their bonnet they could not change a thing as any decision is made by unelected mandarins. The EU makes FIFA look democratic by comparison. Where there is money there is fiddling, where there is power there is corruption, the EU has both in abundance. Why does what is basically a giant trade organisation need its own parliament? If Britain wants to trade outside the EU it needs to comply with EU rules, the EU is often regarded as a straight jacket by business people.
  3. JH, nonsense, very eloquent but still nonsense.
  4. Britain now has a fifth column to end all fifth columns, fact.
  5. We do not live in a democracy we live in a country that pretends to be a democracy, a very different thing which allows the powers that be to do more or less as they please. Left or right the man in the street can change little through the ballot box. Kick it off, judging by your comments you are not a fan of UKIP, then don`t vote for them! Why the need for nastiness towards people who do not agree with you?
  6. JB

    Nothing Much.

    Me and the missis got wed forty odd years ago and lived in Greenwich. Anyway we used to frequent a pub called the `plume of feathers` near to the south entrance of the park, paid a visit to Greenwich today and went into said pub. We were amazed, the place has not changed, still friendly and welcoming but I don` think it has even been decorated since the early seventies! I wish some other pubs would stay the same but I suppose we should be grateful they are still trading. I read this week that the `Beer Baccy and Crumpet` party have been barred from the forthcoming general election because the name might upset some people. Oh well, looks like my fledgling `Fishing Football and Fanny` party is dead in the water.
  7. Never voiced your opinion on immigration? You call people names who would like to see immigration reduced, ??? Never been a toilet cleaner, I will leave that particular field of expertise in your hands.
  8. When Britain is one great big NI our resident oaf and chief apologist for mass immigration will have to find someone else to blame.
  9. Homes, do not need more homes we need less people. Easy answer, reverse the mass immigration of the last few decades but keep the people we need. Clean air, easy answer, more nuclear. Fair wages, less immigration means less competition for same number of jobs, result? Higher wages. Equality, quite right too, stop treating our own people as second class citizens.
  10. In yesterdays Telegraph there was a article by a Mary Riddell who said there were `sensitive urban zones` {ie Moroccan and Algerian ghettos} in France that were incubators for unrest. These `sensitive urban zones` wether French or our own country should never have been allowed to materialise. All live together eventually? Only in leftie dreamland.
  11. Motorists have ben fleeced morning noon and night for years, any motorist now getting free bus travel has well and truly paid for it many times over. I believe it was stagecoach a few years back got stung by trying and failing to break into the American bus market. Buses are for moving large numbers of the population cheaply not empire building.
  12. JB

    Nothing Much.

    The central heating is high and I`m wrapped up but I`m shivering and freezing cold with man flu, how is that for timing? Seasons greetings peeps and most important of all good health, even to my enemies.
  13. JB

    Ukraine Protests

    Afternoon nevermind, whilst I more or less agree with your `Russia baiting` stance I think your theory that `we` are going to start a third world war is nuts. If I am wrong I will happily say so, that''s if were still here of course!
  14. JB

    Nothing Much.

    I am trying to make a chicken dhansak from base but although it looks right I can`t get the distinctive hot/sweet taste, anyone? Hexem, Tracy Emin and `artworks` in the same sentence, have a day off! Whilst not technically very good my favourite painting is John Singer Sargent `Lady {Violet} fishing`, not sure why I like it but it appeals. If I was mega rich I would love to have a Canaletto, just imagine having one of these fabulous works under your roof.
  15. Rarely visit Sainsbury`s but I like to knock up soups and casseroles from scratch and said supermarket has the best range of dried beans pulses etc so I stock up from time to time. Anyway just inside the entrance to the supermarket and literally the size of two or three sheds is a display of `spitfire` for just one pound a bottle. Along with `black sheep` this is in my opinion the very best ale you can buy other than hand pump. A pint {almost} of Kent`s finest for a quid, very tempting. From the best to the worst, I can`t be the only one who finds `john smiths` from the electric pump ghastly.
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