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  1. Jas ,   You used the word prat before I did and it was implied in your reply. My feelings about Francis are not based on one bad game, although it was a stinker and one that destroyed for me the memories of his good games. Whats this about a barfly? you dont know me, I dont know you, so lets not make assumptions about each other. My opinions are my own , I dont need to copy anyone else and I dont  know any barflys. Francis went on strike, Francis had his agent tout himself around other clubs. I dont care that he wanted to get away, many people want to move on. However while he was here playing for a  premier league club he owed us the courtesy of commitment and professionalism. I have no interest in his or anyones private life.
  2. Jas ,   I may well be a prat. However this thread IS about Damien Francis. I never said he was the only no show at Fulham, but his no show would take some beating. He had no pride for NCFC on that day.      Why are you making excuses for him?
  3. The fuss is about a player who had ambition to improve only himself and his over inflated ego. When he ran out on to the pitch at Craven Cottage he was playing for a premier league club who only needed one win to stay in the league. Where was his ambition to win the match and stay in the prem on that day? He was so keen to get away that he surrendered his position as a professional on that day. You guys who are praising him have no pride or self worth.  
  4. Boubepo,   She may be 64 but she wont remember the war years. It ended in 1945 thats 63 years ago.
  5. I dont wish ill on anyone, especially not bad health.   However as good a player as Francis may have been , I do not respect him as a person. He was disrepectful and disloyal to NCFC when they were paying his (probably very high) wages. He was entitled to want away, but while here he should have behaved like the professional he was being paid to be.   Personally I think he behaved like a spoiled brat.
  6. There is a website called famous football fans and it has a list for all clubs.
  7. Three stars on the shirts eh I have seen people working in MacDonalds with 5 stars.
  8. Charle Clarkes biggest threat is the Greens. God help us if they get in. They are against everything. They will probably close down Canary stadium as (whisper it) some of the fans don t walk or bike all the way to the stadium. Some, no many actually drive. Greens are mad I tell ya.
  9. Yes they are funny. I spend a lot of time in Chavesville, and what I notice is that many of them have a pathological hatred of all things Norwich. It seems to stem from their feelings of inferiority. They dont like being a town ( or Tow-en as they say it) They dont like the fact that their TV and newspaper news comes from Norwich. ( Archant own and in some cases print their papers in Norwich) They resent being the last county in England to get a university (even little Colchester has had on for many years.) The resent being one of Enlands official worst towns. The only thing they have to be proud of is some extremely old football glory. Even this is second hand as most of them werent born when they last managed to win something. But in their eyes they are a big club!! But as I say. They are funny.    
  10.   There is a lot of moronic comment on messageboards and phone ins.   However its a free country and we are all entitled to have an opinion.
  11. Who said he was having an affair with Siamese twins.   Top man.
  12. I am  now definately going to stop watching Eastenders so that I can spend more time watching the NCFC soap opera.
  13. I am sure that there are hundreds of Canary fans in Abudabi who would love to invest.   However is it local enough for S&J to make them accept the desert dollars?
  14. You dont need to worry about wearing City shirts in Ipswich. They aint really any trouble. Recently I saw a young kid in full NCFC kit kicking a ball with his mates off Norwich Rd in Chavesville. He didnt seem bothered.
  15. Ask them what they are doing to attract some new investment.   Dont expect a sensible answer.
  16. Thats right, its very juvenile. When they are not insulting each other they spend most of their time trying to find a way of spinning anything Norwich connected into bad news. They are funny.
  17. Andy JR, Unfortunately its a Norfolk institution populated by people who belong in an instiution
  18. It may not be PC to murmer it in the Cathedral Lounge, but the answer may be PC.
  19. Canary call is populated by those who are covered by "care in the community" Its not their fault, they deserve our pity and compassion. So does N Adams who has to sit through it after every game. OTBC.
  20.  No surprise that Suffolk was the last county in the country to get a university. Even then its a branch of UEA. Enter Ipswich these days and the welcome to Chavsville signs declares it to be a university town. For heavens sake , every other decent size town has had a university for years. They are funny.
  21. They are glory hunting plastic fans, you dont have to justify anything to people like them. I find it very difficult to be polite to any plastic fan. Gets me angry.
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