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  1. Pinks

    Big Mick

    Appalled to see that folk down South want him out. He''s doing a great job!


    Vote now
  2. Pinks

    Had to laugh

    ..at the comment at the bottom of this piece.

  3. Pinks


    [quote user="Branston Pickle"]Just what has the Wolves game got to do with how far behind the binmen are in terms of points/goals?[/quote]

    The OP was about TWTD going in to melt down the Wolves score has increased this.

  4. Pinks

    Wes a disgrace

    [quote user="CJ"]Sorry over reaction Wes never celebrates big time just not his temperament, at least he can score, why not give stick to the other six or so so called attackers who can not do so[/quote]

    Just check the photo after Turner equalised at VP in the Pink Un piece about Wes the other day.

    Looks like he was celebrating there.
  5. Pinks

    please sack him

    [quote user="Dr Crafty Canary"]I don''t think Hoolahan is a clown as there is no evidence of a red nose, over sized shoes nor is he wearing an orange curly wig and a multicoloured striped outfit. However I do think Mr McNally will be sending him on his way this summer.[/quote]

    What a card
  6. Pinks

    Wes a disgrace

    [quote user="AJ"]Refusing to celebrate against his old manager? Can''t really have a go at him about that it''s up to him isn''t it?[/quote]

    Yeah, like his old manager didn''t celebrate when they scored

  7. Pinks

    No new signings

    [quote user="PurpleCanary"]

    [quote user="WEEN_NASTY"]If that''s the case why not tweet it this morning so I wouldn''t have to listen all day long.[/quote]


    Don''t think you have quite understood McNally''s mentality!


    Maybe not, so please feel free to enlighten me.

    If we weren''t after anyone, why not say so in the morning. If we were, why not say we didnt get them instead of we got ours in the summer, ner ner ne ner ner.

    I think McN is great but let''s not try and be Simon Cowelll
  8. Pinks

    No new signings

    If that''s the case why not tweet it this morning so I wouldn''t have to listen all day long.
  9. Pinks

    Picture quiz

    [quote user="norfolkbroadslim"][quote user="norfolkbroadslim"]

    Possibly a bit tougher as the ''who'' isn''t even in the picture, but there is a clue in the picture -





    Anyone want to take a stab at this one?  The year perhaps?



    I noticed the balloons and did a search for balloons at Carrow Road.

    Interesting that only the River end has a number of people in it.
  10. Pinks

    Picture quiz

    Is it Geoffrey Watling with his Eye Show Best of Show award for Potato in in the shape of a Norwich City footballer plus kit?
  11. Pinks

    Pardew Houghton Swap Deal?

    [quote user="KeelansGlove"]Would rather be managed by Ronald Mcdonald.

    In fact I honestly cant think of anyone I would want less (except maybe Roeder & Hamilton)

    Makes me shudder just to think of it.[/quote]I''m lovin it
  12. Everyone else started a Hooper thread. Just felt left out.
  13. Pinks

    Ashley Barnes

    There it goes again. Anyone hear that?


  14. Ipswich airstrip got sold and houses were built on there, Ravenswood.

    Seems the way of things with the training ground now sold to Marcus Evans.

    The good news is that they haven''t sold their ground. The council own it.

  15. There was a private jet landed at Norwich airport at 13.00 from Altenrhein. That''s close to St Gallen.

    Ezequiel Scarione scored 21 goals in the Swiss league last season and was top scorer.

    The guy fits the bill with a long name and plenty on scope for double and triple word scores.

    Unfortunately, he was transferred to Kasimpasa SK in the Tukish Super League recently.

    I''ll keep searching and keep you all informed.