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  1. National express super guard

    useful advice if you're travelling to qpr game by train (cheap fares)

    1) yes I know all Norwich based conductors as I am one2) cityangel, I will have a look in to it. I know though if you get ticket stratford to nearest station to the new den then it saves on tube fare coz london crossing is included in price and its cheaper!!!3) you can try and ask 5 members of staff behind the counter, but you''ll be bloody lucky to find 5 members of staff behind the counter with our staffing policy!!!ahem
  2. National express super guard

    useful advice if you're travelling to qpr game by train (cheap fares)

    yes you can buy in advance and stick to the exact train you''re booked on (always helpful if you''re on 2030 from london but get to liverpool street at 6!!!). However, if you''re travelling from norwich and want an open off peak return (saver return) try this;buy a norwich to cambridge cheap day returnthen buy a cambridge to london cheap day return.saves about 20 quid and takes about 20 mins longer! obviously you have to go via cambridge but there are some lovely conductors who work that route!!!hope its some help
  3. think if you''ve bought tickets with your customer number for other people (in ticket office) it''ll let you do it. I can order mine and my dads (60+) tickets online. However, I can only find seats in barclay sitting next to god in the heavens!!!
  4. National express super guard

    Club shop??????

    some more seats going in there? :p
  5. what about the ghana keeper? kingson is it? released by wigan but salary may be high, however, i can''t imagine surman comes cheap
  6. National express super guard

    Has Doc found himself a new club yet?

    and by bristol u mean paulton?
  7. National express super guard

    Lambert problems

    c col who fan with sense? surely not!!! well said thocome on lambert clan, norwich is a lovely place (says the man now about to move away!) and I''m sure the children will settle here
  8. National express super guard

    South Africa's kit

    bobs market chips?
  9. National express super guard

    Please pete

    all our trains are gonna stop whilst the england games are on, and most of the other time, its nothing special tho, happens most days
  10. National express super guard

    Re: Transfer Embargo For Norwich?

    col who got the compensation, by all means appeal because its likely the FDC will not be impressed and reduce the compo.and the accounts for last year were submitted late (thanks to the mess we WERE in), not this year, and we''ve already been fined for that and told not to do it again.and yes colchester are the future for east anglia, in league 1. and even then you''re pushed close by the daggers!!!
  11. National express super guard

    We are the "undesirables" now

    slow news day, and actually quite lazy journalism.millwall are all hooligans? actually I found some of them to be decent blokes who i could have a laugh with.Leeds? well yes I agree there after this year at carra rudUs? well, all he appears to have done is written about is the ritual changing of kick off times and the "herding", nothing new added.Other than his example of the Leeds mob, there is no other basis for the heading "potential trouble makers.."
  12. I guess its a big job for him being scottish but I''d like to think that we can offer him the challenges he wants, without sounding like Leeds, this is a potentially big club for him to take forward.Wonder of doomcaster is on this shortlist after a great 1st year in scotland!!!
  13. National express super guard

    would like to join a team please!!!

    I''m currently battling back from depression and anxiety and would love to join a norwich based team for next season (or even this season if worth it lol)which was recommended by a few people.I am happy to play anywhere, my fitness is lacking a little at the minute, but I do enjoy my football and it shows in my determination.any offers gratefully received
  14. National express super guard

    Thirty Points deduction!

    tribunal; "we''ve decided that Norwich, you owe colchester £60,000 (the prize money Norwich received for winning league which colchester could''ve expected with Mr. Lambert), and as for the illegal approach, we find Norwich not guilty as Mr. Lambert resigned before joining Norwich City, and Mr. Cowling admitted in local and national press that he was close to appointing a better manager than Paul Lambert."Cowling; "thats not fair, I''m going to the court of arbitration for sport, do you not know who I am?"Tribunal; "No, and thats Norwich Citys point"