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  1. A draw prevents villa finishing anything but 5th, so they may well rest key players.
  2. Der dee Dee Dee der, dum _ dum _ dum, der Dee Dee Dee der Stiepermann. to John Williams.
  3. Since Trybull took a knock at the end, move Kenny out there and bring Leitner and Tettey back into the middle for Tuesday. Unless Tom is fine, then move Kenny out there and bring Vrancic in with Trybull. With less tackling in the 3, we should also shore up the 2 with an established pairing.
  4. I don’t think that the team overall had an poor first half. Kenny McLean had a really poor first half positionally, bad enough that everyone else looked bad, then he massively improved positionally after half time. The role he was in, which is the Mario/Mo role, means he should be dropping deep, taking the ball from defence and make the first pass to an attacking player in space. Instead he would consistently drift up the pitch or wide and try to be the player that received the first pass into space. That left us with one fewer player in that important area and made playing that first pass much harder. It made it easier for Bristol to press us effectively, and lead to Krul having to go long more often and passes forward being made from worse positions, which give the ball away more. After half time, when I assume he got a rollocking, McLean was more disciplined, but still I don’t expect him to keep a deep lying place in the team. That said his goals were good and i’d happily watch him in one of the three advanced midfield roles.
  5. I’m pretty sure xG doesn’t yet measure the positions of other players, as Ben Mayhew of experimental361 suggests here (https://twitter.com/experimental361/status/1092669354465001473?s=21). I remember a 538 podcast that suggested it is not included for a technological reason, because measuring the position of all 21 other players is currently too hard to do at scale. But it is a good point about tiring other teams out as a strategy.
  6. I preface this by saying I find xG and 538 really interesting and useful, but... I don’t agree that higher goals than xG shows we rely on exceptional/lucky finishing. It could show that we have a forward line who are really good at getting themselves better than average space to shoot (which would makes shots easier to score than their xG values). We can also observe in whether that is true in play, which I think it is.
  7. That Reading team had 6 loanees, as Shackell was back on loan from wolves at the time. Lee, Shackell, Leijer, Bertrand, Gow and Carney. It’s a pretty good bet for this thread for me. Although 3 went on to play in the prem with other teams later.
  8. Luke Daley was what our academy was producing in those days. Fast and nominally a winger. Lambert used him to change things up in league one a few times before we signed MacNamee iirc.
  9. The misery guts who sits behind me and complains all the time left at 3-2. Hehehe.
  10. It’s unfortunately not true about McCartney. His other 3 clubs were relegated the season he left.
  11. A slow start, that gets better and an exciting run to try and make the playoffs at the end that goes to the final day. 7th.
  12. Ipswich have been massively out preforming the quality of chances they make for a long time: https://experimental361.com/2018/05/06/championship-trends-2017-18/ https://experimental361.com/2018/05/06/scatter-graphics-championship-2017-18/ If they don’t: keep up a top 6 conversion rate deal with the defence that faced the most shots of any team last season, by a long way. sort out an attack that created the third least shots then they are in trouble.
  13. “So on those grounds would you say Olive branch was a success for us this year?” No. Far from it. Oliveria is precisely the kind of player that is overvalued when judged by his goals alone. It’s Srbeny that I rate higher than his goals scored suggests at Norwich. We were more dangerous as a team when he played than when Oliveria played, even though personally Oliveria scored more. That doesn’t mean I don’t want another striker in this window, but that I am perfectly happy with Srbeny being In the squad.
  14. “A good game yes, a great game might involve him either scoring or creating an assist for a goal.” I totally disagree. A forwards job is to get the team to score goals. It doesn’t matter who gets them. Stirling did enough to make it more likely that England would score that he had a really good match. Goals scored are one of the worst ways to measure a forwards contribution, because while they are easily available they leave out well over half of what a forward needs to do.
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