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  1. Look , the guy made an offer to the fans, "If you back the team building then so will I " 30 odd % of the season ticket holders took up the challenge to back their beloved club and he matched their donation. For the life of me I can not see why he is now being made out to be some sort of con artist!!  In the past there have been Threads on here and stuff in the media saying that fans wanted to put money up to buy players , well , he called their bluff and 2/3 of the season tichet holders decided for several different reasons not to do it. That''s fair enough but PLEASE get off the guy''s back! He kept his part of the deal .
  2. [quote user="jbghost"]It is a donation. Confirmed on the offy board yesterday by Joe Ferrari Hello, I have been quite busy preparing for today''s announcement, as have the Board Directors who I needed to speak to in order to source an answer to this question. Michael Foulger''s matching contribution on unclaimed rebate money is a donation. It is not a loan and it is not in return for equity. Thanks, Joe [/quote]  So that is one hell of a donation!! It looks as though around half of the season ticket holders (9,000?) will waive their right to a rebate, estimated (so I hear) to be worth £450,000.  Michael F. will match it in a no strings donation. So he is putting into the playing budget as much as 9,000 other supportes are doing.  i always thought if you Blackmail someone you made money !!??
  3. [quote user="Mr. Bump"]Yes it''s all going to be so amazing, fantastic signings.[/quote]  Ahh  Normal service will soon return to this board!!
  4. I think GJL has posted the first negative comment on this board for about 2.5 hours , That in its self shows that most people are begining to realise we are begining to build again, (Slowly but surely) confidence will come back. BUT there is a long way to go.
  5. This is getting scary now  people are starting to sound positive!!  Oh, I really hope this feeling lasts.  I love a good promotion season it gets the whole city buzzing!!  Oops, see whats happend ? I am getting carried away now!!
  6. Owain told Norwich''s official website: "I''m looking forward to the next few years that I''ll be spending at Norwich. Having been and had a look at the facilities, it''s a club I''m thoroughly looking forward to playing for and all the challenges that lie ahead. "I''ve spoken to the manager and listened to his plans for building the club back up and I want to be a part of that. "The club has obviously been having a couple of rough years and it is time now to get back to the drawing board, start again and try to get the club climbing back up again. "It is going to be tough, but as long as everybody at the club realises it''s going to be tough and a huge challenge then I think we''ll be all right. "From playing for Swansea in League One for three years, I''m relatively experienced at this level and I know what it takes to win games at this level - and that is what we''ll be trying to do." Norwich manager, Bryan Gunn, added: "After Owain had figured for Wales in their recent win over Azerbaijan, we sat down with the player and his agent to thrash out terms. Now I''m delighted we are able to confirm we have brought him in on a three-year deal.     The lad seems to understand  what it will take to start putting things right any way.
  7. [quote user="chicken"][quote user="lappinitup"][quote user="chase_out"]Anyone shed any light on the undisclosed fee? I thought he was out of contract...[/quote]Swansea had a years option on his contract, hence the fee. Reported to be £250K plus add-ons by the Beeb.[/quote] If he turns out to be a half decent player he will be worth the £250k. That would mean we have: Clingan, Russell, Patty, Gill and Tudur Jones that can play there although I wonder if Pattiy will play a wider role. He did play out on the right a lot under Roeder - either that or it signals the possible exit of one or two from Russell, Clingan and Patty..[/quote]I thought Pattison was gone?
  8. Subject to him staying fit ( i can''t see why not to be honest ) this looks like a good bit of business.  Maybe Gunn , Butterworth and Crook have managed a fluke signing?  . Or perish the thought, they might just know what they are doing!!
  9. Oh good , he''s back !! Now we can get some nice quiet debate going again!!  Welcome back Arthur!
  10. [quote user="TheMarshmallowMonkey"]Bet this post disappears very quickly![/quote]  It bl**dy well should disappear . I can not beliave some people on this Message Board
  11. Just heard on Radio Norfolk that The Football league will soon be bringing in rules to stop Cubs with large Tax debts from getting in new players. Aparently their idea has been welcomed by the Government and the tax man.  Nothing to do with the Premier League though , so they will still benifit from cheating us (the tax payer).. I really hope we have kept up to date because i have a feeling some clubs are going to be in a bit of a mess in the next few months.
  12. [quote user="Sports Desk - Pete"]Hidden away? It was on the homepage of both the Evening News and the Pinkun sites, and linked to from here on the day it was published.[/quote]  Ah Pete , but it always seems to be better if (some) people on here can talk about conspirisy and Archand being delia''s lap dog / mouthpiece E.T.C.   Can''t let the truth get in the way of a bit of Media / Delia bashing!!
  13.   I find it worrying that the basic right of free speech is frowned upon on this Forum. I personally find it sad that threads that start out as good debate usualy end up as nasty sometimes cruel name calling . If someone has a different opinion to someone else, why will it end with one being callet aschool boy or a trol e.t.c. and the other one a sheep or a cretin or something else.?  
  14. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]am i the only person on this board perpared to give Gunny a chance? sad times indeed. jas :) [/quote]   I will give him a chance , A chance to make the team his own and take us up at the first attempt.
  15.   As this thread is not calling people names or yelling for someone to be sack , shot or some other more lurid fate to befall them I doubt it will survive very long.  I have to say that was as good an opening to a thread as I have seen for sometime. it was balanced, fair and well worded.  In would like to ask the boys and girls on this web site , do you think that all the top Managers were born as an experienced footballing Manager or (Like Gunn) learn  as they worked their way through a playing career watching and listening as they want along?
  16. I Think the league 1 experience quote you are refering to was a comment about Butterfield and Dehan NOT Gunn. But I could be wrong!
  17. [quote user="Loan City Fc "]And you believe the word of Gunn  lmao , the mans a liar and a Smith yes man .[/quote]  I Did not say i believed him all I said was show me evidence !!  Have you??    But you are entitled to your opinion, But not the silly playground insults , the like of which spoil what used to be a good well run vehicle for ALL NCFC followers to air their veiws
  18. [quote user="Loan City Fc "]Obviously knew this morning he already had the job , saying they hoped to hear very soon , yet he sat there and lied to the fans . Bloke is a disgrace to the club.[/quote]  Gunn has said he was told just before the press conference, Now, IF you have evidence to the contrary then you are entitled to call him names, BUT unti you can show us that evidence please stop making unsubstanciated statements designed to stir up trouble for OUR CLUB MANAGER . He is you know, and it is time to get behind him and the backroom team .
  19. Just a thought but, If new money and football people are on the newly formatted board and we (the fan''s) are happy with them but they decide That Gunn , Crook and Butterworth are the men to do the job!! Do we call for their heads / call for them to step down or do we say "mabe they know what they are doing" and wait and see?   What is more important? getting a new board or changing the manager?
  20. Without new money the only changes will be to replace what is gone. I wonder if there is someone coming in with enough money to get a seat on the board BUT not to take over. Or mabe a whole new board with the Majority Shareholders stepping down and "Proper" football people running the show?  I await developments
  21. sad to say but they will only tell us when there is something to tell. (and they have no idea when or what!!)
  22. If 3,000 or so "Supporters"? do cancel their S/tickets that is their right (In my opinion) BUT , any and all reduction in income will push the club nearer to financial melt down. I know there a few on here that think going bust would be a good thing but, in reality we could see our club disapear forever .
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