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  1. Cheer up Robbie Cowling, oh what can it be, to a f*ck ugly bastard, and a sh*t football team :)
  2. hang on give me a minute...... that was between those years!
  3. i was making out like Roeder was some big bad bully who never did anything right?
  4. [quote user="I am a Banana"]and who got him to norwich - MR ROEDER [;)][/quote]   NOT ROEDER
  5. whats with all this anti teacher rubbish? im a student, and all i can say is that teachers (in most cases) do a lot of work and cant help whether its a snow day or not. so grow up.
  6. I think the barclay and the snake pit should show the Jarrold stand a little more respect from now on.
  7. err... it was 3-1 :)  and forest have more than enough championship talent. Agree with the whole ''its not the players'' arguement tho!
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