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  1. Why would you not want to win the league or go to cup finals every year or so, how does that ever get boring? Losing 10 games in a row and selling our best players for ones that we have never heard of, now that's pretty boring. Wouldn't it be amazing, to actually build properly around the team that we had last year and really push on, that's the type of adventure Id like instead of 1 step forward and then 2 back, with the hope we might get to go forward again.
  2. Incredible! You'd rather play in different divisions than be winning trophies? I would absolutely love us to create some proper history in my supporting life and sign some players that I have actually heard of instead of selling them off. Sadly that is never going to happen under this "model". Norwich fans really are a strange lot sometimes.
  3. Yes Man City fans said that as well, until they turned up and now they get to put trophies in the cabinet most years that has all been forgotten about. For me football has always been about winning things. Sorry but I'm not really bothered about all the "community" side projects.
  4. If anyone is attending one of these forums could you put forward this suggestion:- id like to see some sort of opt out for next season, whereby you are refunded the whole season ticket cost immediately but do not lose the option on your seat, I think this would actually appeal to a surprising number of fans. As there are a lot of people that I have spoken with who are either shielding or not comfortable at mixing with large crowds atm. Plus there are people who just don't feel like returning under these circumstances as it may not be much fun at all.
  5. Yet all the media go on about is how we are such a well run club, yet look at those debts from only a few years ago!
  6. Sorry I am not a regular on here like some who seem to have nothing to do all day but post, so not sure what you are trying to say? New members are not new members? Sorry for being stupid, but unsure what you are driving at?
  7. This has to be the strangest post I have ever read on here. The premier league gives you money to help make the league a better product, not to be tucked away never to be seen again. Why wouldn't you want to stay up and reap the reward of getting money to strengthen? Odd.
  8. I can see that argument, I also feel that whilst it helps the clubs cash flow, it does also hinder the club. In fact Webber or Kensell said as much at one of the membership working parties, in that if they launched STs when we know what division we are in, they could adjust the costs more appropriately.
  9. i'm not beating the club up, just saying for a reasonable size organisation the whole process has taken rather longer than it should. They are quick enough to take our money in February for a product that we don't normally receive until August!
  10. Still not received despite completing the form on June 1. Tui cancelled my holiday 8 days ago and I have already had the refund and they are dealing with millions. Meanwhile at little old Norwich, 53 days and still nothing!
  11. Why do our fans go on about spending all £140m, we had a way better team than Villa last year, but it needed strengthening, we all knew that and Webber failed to do it, so the point is that we could and should have spent some of our "pot of gold" received for promotion. For this I can only blame the board and Stuart "we are so lucky to have him" Webber.
  12. After reading that many on here had had their Cup refund I emailed the cup and within 20 mins I had had a call from the box office. They are down to the last few that either paid cash or chip and pin. Mine was one of those. They processed the refund then and there. I have been told it could take 10 days to show up in my account though, but TBF its been actioned.
  13. Thought they might have done the Man U refunds by now. I am sure they will get to it, just confirming to others that I have still not had it.
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