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  1. Ren

    Sticker book!

    Archant still have them. I have just returned with my last batch.
  2. That is exactly why they did change it!
  3. I actually think it will be the other way around. Time will tell I guess!
  4. ? - Points are back!
  5. Brentford are moving so I can see that one being popular. QPR being London is always popular but we have been there loads of times. The others I cant really see a membership being required for. Ipswich - well they need to get back up first! Personally I don't agree with away "tax", but ill let the fans decide. Boycott it and it goes away, keep buying and it gives the club the message that they are doing the right thing!
  6. Which clubs would they be? I can only think of Luton and I doubt they will be there next season.
  7. Its a much better scheme, but I am not sure it will be really needed to get an away ticket, unless Ipswich get promoted or we have a run at promotion ourselves next season, then it might be needed from Feb onwards. I think Ill chance my arm in the general sale.
  8. The second link is on average price though. I always prefer to compare like for like. eg: behind the goal etc
  9. 2 years ago we were the 8th most expensive in the whole football league. I doubt that this has changed very much as most clubs have been freezing ticket prices for a long time!
  10. Whilst this is good news, we will still be one of the most expensive in the 92. My biggest gripe is that we have to commit when we don't know what product we are getting and have to pay for it six months in advance. All because the club needs the money to help its cash flow. Well I am sure it doesn't help the cash flow of many of its supporters.
  11. I still think there is a huge upside to be had here - if you had the money to develop the ground and the team. We are a one county club with a much grown population with loads and loads of property developments going on and an already amazingly loyal fan base, who buy STs, merch and travel very well. I am amazed that there are no investors that haven't seen this!
  12. What's your name Stuart Webber? You'll be threatening to punch him next!
  13. Ren

    F.A Cup

    Straight replay in this round I believe
  14. Ren

    Not unlucky. Not clever.

    Id rather watch a good team than the clubs bank balance - that's why I go to Carrow Road every other week. ...and of course I don't want us to go bankrupt by throwing 100s of millions that we don't have, but I would like to have seen some form of investment in the squad, I mean we are in the richest league in the world, although the way we act you wouldn't know it. This club imo has wasted a real opportunity to stay in the Premier League this season. Its taking a hell of a gamble if they think we can just walk the Championship again next season. I can still remember when we came down with that attitude in 1996 with our "on loan to the Endsleigh League" T-shirts.
  15. Ren

    Not unlucky. Not clever.

    Ever stopped and asked yourself why this club has got no money though? 22,000 Season ticket holders paying more than 80+ other clubs fans, an away membership scheme that no one else has, Premiership money and relegation payouts for most of the last 5/6 seasons. This club should have been able to spend some money this window. This board continues to hold this club back, yet all I keep hearing is "no one wants to own a football club" or "we just cant compete".