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  1. Ren

    Southampton Away - Tickets

    Really big headed un-necessary post. Well done you.
  2. Ren

    Grow up

    Why do all the threads on here turn into in fighting with the regulars? Makes this board unusable. As for the article, by "Support" I assume the OP means not question the set up? The same way that the Chinese must support their government? What a load of ****!
  3. Ren

    West Ham tickets

    I got a refund out of the club less the £1.50 booking fee. That said it was only a couple of days after purchasing and before the season started. As someone who kicked off so much over it, I felt it was hypocritical of me to then have one.
  4. That was always a risk when we opened up the away ticket process to the masses.
  5. Ren

    West Ham tickets

    What in the same way that they looked after the people that had been to 9 games last season? They want to do away with the away season tickets, that has already been highlighted in the fact that they are not taking any more new ones and it has not been agreed yet if attending 10 games plus this year will mean anything next.
  6. Ren

    West Ham tickets

    It should be noted that this could well happen. Kensell has said to numerous people that fans "protected" this year may well not be next.
  7. Ren

    Liverpool tickets

    Not really - what about those that did 8 or 9 games, they are now in with the same chance as someone who hasn't been to an away game in their life but paid the £50. I bet your "alright Jack", so what do you care.
  8. Ren

    Liverpool tickets

    One of the reasons I was told that they wanted this scheme in place was that the box office couldn't be bothered with dealing with points as it slowed the sale of tickets down. I guess as Liverpool sold out in 55 mins today they have achieved that objective!
  9. Ren

    Membership scheme talks to be held

    A point that has been lost on NCFC over the years. If they actually did renewals in April or May they would know what they are selling and we would know what we were buying and they could price accordingly. I had this discussion with David McNally when he was here and all he could say was that it suited the club to have our money 8 months in advance of us actually getting the product we are paying for.
  10. Ren

    Millwall away pub to meet

    The Barrow Boy and Banker and many of the pubs around London Bridge wont let you in with colours on. I happened to be in the area on a match day this season and wasn't allowed in as I had an American Football hat on, which I offered to remove.
  11. ...and no I am not confused with what happened at our place. I did not witness that as I was in the Barclay, but I have seen the videos, yes.
  12. I witnessed it with my own eyes Diane, so I know it happened. Lots of strip lights pulled down and everything that was laid out for our fans to use, sugar, spoons etc chucked all over the place. Posters pulled off the wall etc, so lets not pretend that we are whiter than white. Extra security called in the end, and as I say I expect that contributed to this extra security.
  13. [quote user="Diane"]Im assuming that the extra security with having names on tickets & having to show ID at turnstile has been agreed for both the away & home fixture because of all the thousands of pounds worth of damage they did to our concourse last season including pulling down light fittings?[/quote]

    Yes and lets not forget that our fans did exactly the same at their ground last season as well. Trashing the light fittings and kiosks in the Lower part of the ground. Hard to give them stick for their behavior when we were no better!!!
  14. I stopped going to these AGM''s when I finally got to ask a question and the response was pretty much "its our club we will do as we want". I had always thought I was a shareholder, but was made to feel like I my opinions didn''t matter as they didn''t fit their agenda.

    Under DS we have had:-

    1) Share issue

    2) Share issue 2

    3) "Can we keep your rebate"

    4) "Academy Tax" - the extra £20 that you have to opt out off!

    5) The 8th highest STs in the 92.

    Yet the board still want more from us. Maybe they should do their job and find some external investment!! ....and don''t tell me there are none out there. They just don''t want to give up their cosy little Saturday afternoons out.

    After 21 years as a ST holder I am sick of them!