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  1. If that’s the case why does the clubs away ticket sale leaflet give a sale date to the match pickers before group 1? Either Danny is wrong or the clubs leaflet is wrong? *assuming more than 1000 match pick Brentford.
  2. Sounds to me like you might be out for good. Which must also be a worry for the club. Once out of the habit and your wallet is a bit fuller at the end of each month, the temptation to call it a day must be there for many.
  3. Interesting..... I don't know anything about this, what do you know?
  4. Interesting discussion. For me I honestly don't see how wearing a piece of cloth across your face outside, when properly distanced from each other makes a jot of difference apart from making the wearer feel uncomfortable for a couple of hours. You look around when in the ground and all everyone is doing is pulling at them. If the club are that bothered about the spread of covid then a far better solution would be to put 500 people in each stand, but we all know why they wont do that. profits ahead of safety!
  5. I too was very disappointed by this news as I had a ticket and went last night under the assumption that I would not be required to wear a mask in the cold outside air. I wear glasses for distance and as predicted I could not see a thing with my face fully covered. In the end I wore it over my mouth only and could thankfully see. There were plenty of people around me in the same boat and in fact quite a few that didn't wear one at all. The stewards let it go and did not seem to be enforcing the rule. That's not to say that they wont going forward. However I do agree with others who have posted here and if the club or the EFL are going to pursue with face masks in the stand, then I wont be rushing back. If the club are wondering why they are struggling to sell tickets, they can add this to their list of reasons why people are put of attending.
  6. Yes I think this is why they have suddenly changed the original plan (which in fairness I thought was very good), they suddenly saw that there was a good chance that most (all) ST holders were going to be entitled to automatic refunds on a regular basis for most of the season and are looking for a quick way to plug (stop) this outpouring of cash. After this latest shower Ill be taking whatever I can get and keeping it out of CR for as long as possible, whereas if the original scheme had remained Id have probably left my money there, unless I really needed it. I smell Ben Kensell all over this mess as usual.
  7. Thanks for the update, and I agree it v poor. I think Ill just pull my £500 out as I think this has been appallingly handled, changing their refund policy and not telling us!
  8. Of course I don't think that, what I do find frustrating (as Greavsy has said) is that the club built a perfectly good refund scheme with the fans consent and then at the very first deadline date they have decided to change their rules without telling us. It probably isn't but it feels a little underhand. I have had refunds from a national holiday company, cricket clubs and concert venues and the slowest at processing these things is NCFC!
  9. Thanks for your updates they are apricated. Shame you have to put up with trolls but that's the PU for you.
  10. I disagree, they have had my money since February (as I pay the whole lot up front) and to not tell us that they are changing their refund policy after the first deadline that they set themselves having agreed it via fan consultation is very poor form indeed. I am reaching the point as someone who has held a season ticket for 22 years straight that I have had enough of their disregard for us supporters, despite what Delia might tell us.
  11. You are not alone. There are more people out there that have had enough of this "self-funding" rubbish than you might think, they just aren't as vocal as the "Delia is the only one we want" lot, at the moment.
  12. ...and I thought this thread was about ticket refunds. Cant you and Nutty take this off line and discuss it yourself, its been going on all year and frankly we are all sick of it.
  13. Hard not to disagree with the above post. A broken promise and a lack of communication (which doesn't cost anything on the website and via Twitter/Facebook etc is quite disappointing. NCFC really need to be careful here, a lot of fans are starting to get used to not going and may choose not to return if NCFC treat them so poorly.
  14. Very much this, there should be something on line as it’s 10 days since the Preston game was played.
  15. I think many EFL clubs didn’t take season ticket money for this season as no one knew when crowds would be allowed back.
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