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  1. Glad I'm not the only one that thinks they went from writing two of the best albums I own, to putting out a load of dross. If you are going hoping to see a set like some of the ones mentioned back in the day, I think you will be in for a shock. I predict that there are going to be a lot of disappointed concert goers at the end of this one!
  2. I went in L1, cant say I really enjoyed the experience. Place was a right pain to get to on the train and I managed to get a lift back to Norwich on the club coach (another story) and it took us forever to get out of the Town.
  3. I always though these new shares were to be sold at £100 each. This would give the new shareholder 100,000 C shares which as highlighted in the special resolution document could then be converted to ordinary shares. This looks far more likely than 10,000,000 new shares being issued!
  4. ...but investors will gladly look at the other 91 clubs in the football league and many outside of it. Yeah of course!
  5. Bound to be. in the short term I suspect they will be talking to the shareholders who have a decent holding to sell, and then they may work their way down the register and pick up shares from people who have a few 100 to sell.
  6. It would be very interesting to know if these were gifted or purchased by the Trust and for what price was paid if any? Once shares get into the Trusts hands I suspect they won’t ever be sold as who would get the money?
  7. Do some research before you throw Millwall's name about. They do more for the community than most, because of where they are based there are a lot more problems than place like ours. I think a lot of people think we are the only club that does a lot of extras but open your eyes. Wolverhampton Wanderers, a club I cant stand historically do way more than we do.
  8. Looking forward to the news that the club is making a big fat donation to a mental health charity out of the kits profits to back up this and prove that they are not just jumping on the bandwagon.
  9. Stand by to be disappointed.
  10. Should have been the number one priority with all the money that has flushed through the club in recent years. This city has and still is expanding rapidly and I honestly think a ground that holds 36,000 plus should be our target. Most folk I work with don't even try for a ticket anymore as the perception is that there are very few for sale and you have to be online at the point they go on sale to get two together.
  11. The drum worked very well at Watford, but I heard from others it was rather annoying at Palace. I think if used in moderation it would help the atmosphere, BUT I suspect the man (or woman) playing it craves the attention and therefore wont know when to stop!
  12. NCFC: How would you improve the atmosphere at Carrow Road. Me: Win some games
  13. Looks good to me. Well done NCFC, you are getting this one right.
  14. Also if you look around the ground there was an awful lot that had been bolted on and nothing was consistent, fonts, crests etc. I moan at the club for a lot of things but tidying the place up and making everything match up will look good and as is said above just make the place look a bit more modern and professional.
  15. Have the club made a statement? I thought a pretty regular poster on here was adamant this was not the case that the Attanasio's were only buying an 18% stake in the club.
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