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  1. Yes that sounds about right, but I think group 2 is significantly higher, so if we were only getting the 1600 allocation it would have not guaranteed a ticket for the group 1ers, who would rightly be annoyed had they not got one. Note: I'm not one of the 750.
  2. I am sure we have taken the bigger allocation as they put group 1 and 2 sales on at the same time. There is no way the club would have done that if they could not guarantee all the group 1s a ticket.
  3. She is awful. Absolutely no idea how she has 300,000 followers. People will watch anything these days!
  4. They are but they have a week to prepare and at least we know that the home leg will be first. I am sure it will be just loaded to your card so no need for prints sadly as I like to keep mine.
  5. Every year I say the same, why do we have to pay for our STs so far in advance? Oh yes, I remember McNally's answer "because it suits us" when I asked him at a forum once.
  6. Re point 5. I am pretty sure that if you approached the club to purchase shares before MA appeared, the club were selling the unsold capital at £100 per share. This was naughty as the club had a list of buyers who were prepaid to sell at £25 but of course the club would not have benefitted from that. It does indeed ask questions as to how we have suddenly arrived back at the price of £25 a share.
  7. You mention at the start a tickets collection. Well I have a collection going back to my first season 1985-86 of every away ticket, well nearly every one. I’m probably missing less than 100. There can’t be many sets like this in existence. Always looking for the missing ones if anyone can help. I am fully complete from 2002-2017 so it’s only before and the last couple of seasons I’m missing a few.. …
  8. You are quite right we haven’t been in administration and without checking my original post I meant we could have ended up close to admin again, which surely you can’t deny we nearly were on at least one occasion under the current owners. I repeat again, we don’t know if she will or won’t make a fortune for herself as it’s not her shares that are changing hands, so we don’t know if she will take a loss on hers shares or make a handsome profit when the time is right.
  9. Quite a sizeable amount to borrow though. Are we assuming this is covered by the last parachute payment coming in and the wait for player sales? Loans have to be paid back (or converted into equity). Its a big number that puts MA into a strong position.
  10. Problem is Vince, is that if we don't trust MA we may not have a club left to support. I am not sure the current board are quite as slick as many seem to think they are and had MA not shown up when he did, who knows were we would be......
  11. I'm not sure that Zoe is anyone's enemy but anyone taking that size salary from a business is going to have questions asked of them. re "D&M not making a fortune here", please be aware that they haven't sold their shareholding yet, so they still might, If MA has ended up putting in £70m to gain 40% my guess is he is going to have to put in even more to acquire the rest of the club.
  12. As a betting man, I wouldn't mind a bet that one of the first questions at the next AGM will be regarding Zoe's salary.
  13. Yes that is assuming that these loans haven't been used to cover wages and other "expenses" which I guess we won't know until the next set of accounts are out.
  14. Shef, great post again for which I am very grateful. It does make me wonder where this club would be had MA not arrived when he did? I think it tells me that we probably need to get this vote through so that we don't all end up with no shares or worse no club. I know I will get called anti Delia for this statement, but I think it does prove that had we have stuck with this self (fan) funded model we could have quite simply found ourselves in Administration again and on the way to league one and beyond. Webber came in and gave it the big 'un about how mismanaged the club had been until he showed up, erm sorry Stuart but this looks worse, and its under your wife's very expensive watch.
  15. This thread has made a refreshing change for me in that there has been some really interesting chat from all parties. I don't come on here as much as I used to as most threads used to turn into the same old regulars having silly **** for tat arguments that the rest of us don't need to read. Thanks to all that have posted in the last 5 or so pages its been really interesting. I think its a pity that some of you need to constantly swipe at Essex though. You might not agree with some of the things he/she has posted but do you really need to go on the attack so much? Again thanks to all who have posted, I'm not going to name you all in case I miss someone, but its been very inciteful, lets keep it that way.
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