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  1. I’m not a fan of Zigic either but I also wouldn’t take any notice of transfer speculation just yet as I think we scored more headed goals than any other team (?) so I doubt it’s a certainty. However, I’d only be a little miffed if he was a replacement for Wilbraham but absolutely not a replacement for Holt.
  2. Didn''t like the sudden cut off on the BBC Website just as Hughton was speaking about attacking passing style of football but yes very impressed... McNally & Hughton top bananas !
  3. Yeah thats what Im hearing, s''pose it also means he & Karsa can go to Villa on a free grrrr
  4. Seeing as its yet to start I thought Id post again just to bring it back to the top of the threads, your just a click (copy & paste) away from watching it live !
  5. It was on a thread yesterday.. You must be busy man
  6. Running late obviously, meanwhile commentary on Radio Norfolk http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/player/bbc_radio_norfolk
  7. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/18350310 On an additional note, apparently Hughton joined by his backroom staff.. Culverhouse & Karsa on a freebie to Villa grrrrr
  8. Ive a few more for ya: Current: https://twitter.com/#!/Johnnyhowson https://twitter.com/#!/vaughany08 https://twitter.com/#!/WesHoolahan14 Ex: https://twitter.com/#!/CraigBellamyGMF https://twitter.com/#!/chippycrook63 https://twitter.com/#!/chris9sutton https://twitter.com/#!/CLlewellyn19 https://twitter.com/#!/mnelse6 Michael Nelson https://twitter.com/#!/11Gossy https://twitter.com/#!/CraigFlemingFit https://twitter.com/#!/gholt8 Gary Holt (not Grant) Ive a few more but Ive listed those who have worn the Yella with distinction ! But you can find them all on my list https://twitter.com/#!/SlfMann/follow-the-boys-in-yellow/members
  9. Look me up @SlfMann I have a few lists ''FOLLOW THE BOYS IN YELLOW'' is a list of City players past & present.
  10. If Chris Hughton ain''t a black guy please tell me what race you believe he is ? http://www.goal.com/en-gb/news/2896/premier-league/2012/06/06/3152569/norwich-granted-permission-to-speak-to-birmingham-boss? Shoes just how backwards some folk in Norfolk can be !
  11. Ive quickly browsed through the responses to this post so I apologise if this has been pointed out before but Chris Hughton is a ''Black guy'' !
  12. Ive found twitter to be a much more informative forum than the Pink Un. There has to be at least 50/60% of the Current city squad with profiles on there, including many players from the past. Also a lot more satisfying getting a direct message from the ''Horses'' mouth (so to speak : ) than listening to the consistant speculation on here. These days, more often than not you''ll hear it first on twitter, a pointless social network it ain''t !
  13. Your imagining the frailties of McNally due to your own anxieties. These kind of issues aren''t dealt within hours of them becoming public knowledge, but this time next week I''m sure the club will have appointed a Manager, Holt will also will probably be on his way. I don''t like to scenario either and Im frustrated thats its a club like Villa and not a top 6 side that has turned their heads, but thats football. We elevate our heroes to cult status and are obviously very angry and disappointed when they leave but its nothing new to the world of football.
  14. I think the moderators have been doing their job as before I could report the poster of the racist comment, it now seems to be have been removed. With the volume of posters re: Lambert maybe it has taken time for them to find it, but well done.
  15. I don''t care if its a wind up a not, if you let racist comments & behaviour go without protesting then the uneducated may think its the prevailing view. I will make as big a protest as I can so twats like that don''t feel they have the freedom to express such bull s***.
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