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  1. Cheers everyone. Appreciate it. Can sleep easy tonight after this evening''s statement :-)
  2. simo86 - don''t make me laugh. Gunn was one of the worst managers in our history, with our worst home defeat by his name.
  3. I didn''t make it up. Like I said, don''t shoot the messenger, it''s what I''ve heard. Hope it''s not true, but all this speculation means he must be going, as he could have killed the rumour when he had the chance this morning.
  4. Settle down. Do you think I would seriously say James if my friend was actually called James? I''m aware Norwich isn''t the biggest club so wouldn''t be hard to find the James who leaked this. I changed his name. He''s a friend, I''m not going to sell him down the river just to get replies on this website am I?! Come on.
  5. Edp/pinkun journalist said he''s also heard PL quit rumour, but is hearing all sorts of info, which all can''t be true. Good point.
  6. I''d happily see O''Neill here of PL went. Thing is, he left Villa because they wouldn''t let him spend any money. We are strapped for cash all the time, why would he come here?
  7. There is more than one James. It''s a fairly common name, you know. I know of three James'' that work at NCFC.
  8. After just asked an edp/pinkun journalist on Twitter if he''s heard anything about this. I fear it might be true.
  9. Heard this from a number of places. First heard it about half an hour ago from my friend James, who works at the club. Can''t really put his surname for obvious reasons. After hearing this I checked Twitter etc etc and rumours on there have started, that PL is quitting later today. Can''t tell you how much I hope this isn''t true. Although James tipped me off when Roeder was appointed so he got that one right.
  10. Don''t shoot the messenger, but am hearing that Paul Lambert will resign as Norwich manager later this afternoon. Really hope it''s not true and it''s not my intention to stoke the fire here. I''m a true fan and am not trying to get fans up in arms. It''s just what I''ve heard.
  11. Clearly this situation hangs in the balance. Only the blind optimists think that PL standing by his statements means the end of the matter. I''m keeping an eye on the official website this afternoon as have been told that their is news, just don''t know what that news is. My thinking is, he will be in dugout for the game tomorrow, but will resign tomorrow night, or Monday morning.
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