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  1. This topic really does make me laugh, this is a local club for local people we can''t have so called fans turn up when they can. Seriously get a life not one fan is better than another and in all honestly it really doesn''t matter. If your proud enough to wear the shirt and tell people you are a Norwich fan especially when you live miles away and are probably the only fan in a 20 mile radius then who anybody to say they aren''t a real fan. If I wanted to be a Richard about it I could start on the old season ticket fans that sit there with there packed lunch and who you don''t hear a peep from. But we all support the same team which is what matters whether you goto every game but make no noise or 5 games but keep the chants going, we all fight for the same cause and for the next two games that''s beating our rivals not each other with a Richard measuring contest.
  2. A few rumours on twitter ( one from James Nursey ) that we had a £8million bid rejected for Rhodes! Goes on to say Blackburn want £10+ million due to Huddersfield having a 20% sell on clause! Now I''m not saying this is true but with speculation of Hooper going to QPR there could be something in it?! My main point is who would you prefere to have? I''d rather have Rhodes the kid is a natural finisher and I think him and grabban would work better together!
  3. 46 league games and x amount of cup games (knowing us that will be 2 cup games)
  4. According to a few on twitter a £5 million bid has been put in from a championship club rumours are it''s more likely Derby but our name has been mentioned also!
  5. They mentioned Norwich in Bottom live 2! When they wrote a letter instead of SWAK they had it sealed with a Norwich, nickers off ready when I come home! Gas Man episode is genius one of the best!
  6. Contacts can only get you so far. Look at some of the ex Man Utd players who turn to management they manage to get a few loanees from Utd but the majority of those that have have failed. Some players will follow managers but most will ask former players at the club that they know as most share the same agents. If we get our Ruddy, Snoddy, Redmond, Hooper, Howson and Olsson to stay they show other potential players we mean business and that Neil Adams is a man to work with and they will be happy to join. Personally I wouldn''t care who the manager was if I was looking to join a club it would be the other players I would be playing with week in week out and how ambitious the club are.
  7. No news on who his staff are going to be. Would you be happier Neil being manager if Ian Culverhouse was going to be his number 2? Rumours are he was the genius behind Paul Lambert!
  8. It took Man Utd weeks before finally unveiling Van Gaal even though he was the only name linked things take time.
  9. I think there are many factors why its taking its time. Personally I do think Malky will be our new manager but its not just him we are waiting for. The club want a technical director which would be Ian Moody but he is contracted to Crystal Palace so that can take time, thats if he wants to come. The board want Neil Adams to be a part of the new set up but we all know management always stick together so that could be a sticking for Malky going to a new job with a new set up.
  10. Yet as a team they scored 72 league goals! And the squad they had was pretty poor! When he took over they had 10 first team players so all in all I think they done pretty well to win the league! Burnley had 2 strikers above 20 goals and finished 2nd Leeds had the highest goal scorer and finished nowhere yet Leicester who won the league only had 1 player in the top scorer table! So I don''t know what you''re point is to be honest!
  11. Cardiff have always been a nearly team they have never been good enough, Malky took over and only had 10 first team players and in 2 seasons got to a league cup final, a play off final and won the league?! Yep sounds like a poor manager to me! Brendan Rodgers says that he is going to be a top manager one day and I would trust his judgement over Vincent Tan!
  12. I agree the more I think about it the more I hope it really does happen. The people that keep going on about the ''''brand of football'''' he plays is ridiculous, yeah we would all love to watch a great game of football and win but sometimes you have to play ugly and the result at the end of the day is the important thing.
  13. Don''t want Brighton to go up I''m looking forward to the away games v them and Bournemouth
  14. Interesting comments from when it started going wrong with Tan. The bit that got me was the ''''players running through brick walls for him'''' just reminded me of another manager ;) metro.co.uk/2013/10/14/stunned-craig-bellamy-backs-malky-mackay-over-cardiff-citys-sacking-of-iain-moody-4145046/
  15. Not too pleasing on the eye but he''s effective and wins games! So whats the problem? If we had played ugly and won 5 more games Hughton would still be here, his problem was playing poor and losing. Nobody walks out the ground and says well I''m disappointed with winning today cos we didn''t attack as much. Winning games is what its all about. I think the defensive label, Hughton mark 2 and that we wouldn''t be interested in Malky if he wasn''t an ex player is very unfair. Yeah they were not great against us but in the other 2 games i saw v man city and man utd they were brilliant. Malky is a good coach, understands how to set teams up, is a great man manager and will not take any BS from anybody. Hes done very well championship level and has shown that he can win games in the prem, its irrelevant that he use to play for us he fits perfectly for us at the moment. We don''t just need a manager to get us up but one to stay the following season and keep us up which is not Neil Warnock. If not Malky the only other person I would go for is Nigel Adkins but have we got the money to pay compensation?
  16. Well now its official here is my team. Ruddy Martin Turner R Bennett Olsson E Bennett Johnson Howson Redmond Becchio Rhodes Snodgrass is too good and will go. Hooper hasn''t done enough to warrant a move but think he will go to West Ham. Fer will stay in the prem. RvW will go abroad. I would make Jordan Rhodes our number 1 target.
  17. Been saying it for a few years now i would like to see us sign Jordan Rhodes. Sell Hooper, RvW and Fer and get him he bangs them in in the championship and I think he will make the step up the following season. Can see Rickie Lambert leaving the Saints this summer also. Personally I think we will keep Ruddy hes settled in the area and spent most of his career on the bench and don''t think he will want to do the same again now, he will give us 1 more season.
  18. I think people really do underestimate how good of a coach and man manager Malky Mackay is. You just have to listen to how highly Brendan Rodgers speaks of him. Some people are judging him on the 1 game they saw at Carrow road this season which is unfair. Yeah they were poor but ultimately they still got a point, I can forgive a few off games if you pick up points. This appointment is the toughest yet we need someone to be able to take us straight back up but also we need to look further ahead and have the same manager to keep us up the following season. The only 2 managers i would be looking at is Nigel Adkins (nearly got the job before Paul Lambert) or Malky.
  19. Yeah I agree let RvW and give the money to Snoddy! We must do everything to keep him and Ruddy, don''t think there will be to many offers for our other players.
  20. great news I think the only 2 players we have to make sure that stays if we go down is Ruddy and Snoddy!
  21. As I was saying quick ball in Kabol attacks scores after it hit his knee. Takes some pressure of us tomorrow now lets hope Villa, Swansea, Cardiff and Sunderland lose now.
  22. well, well, well 3 in 3 for spurs 0 in 5 for us just proves our play under Hughton didn''t suit strikers. The main one is most goals you see from crosses involve the striker attacking the ball, it only requires a small touch even a miss hit can beat the keeper. Plus defenders hate defending facing there own goal.
  23. I was thinking about this earlier and I don''t think we will lose to many! Ruddy will go for sure but I would be happy for Rudd to take his place! Out of the back for Martin, Olsson and Turner will stay! Which is all I''d want to stay! Midfield is hard, I''d expect snoddy, fer, tettey and pilks to go and we will prob lose both strikers which would be a great loss I''d be happy if we could nab Jordon Rhodes for our 2 strikers! The most crucial thing is to make sure the next manager is the right one or we won''t bounce straight back!
  24. Spot on! We get a good result and always say "is this the turning point" and we have stumbled after! This one has to be different! Good thing is its a quick turnaround! This result makes the last 4 less daunting, another positive way to look at the last 4 games is the title should of been won and some having nothing to play for but just to stay fit for the World Cup the following month so nobody wants to get injured and tackle hard or take risks!
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