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  1. for what it''s worth as a Level 5 referee, I would have issued Grabban a red card for ''serious fould play'' as there was intent to cause the played injury by a punch, (it''s irrelevant if it made contact or lack or force) Although with that said you could argue that I could have stopped play 2 seconds earlier as it appears that the defender was holding Grabban, which should have resulted in a direct freekick and a possible yellow card for ''unsporting behavour.'' A headlock would be seen as ''holding or blocking'' that falls into ''unsporting behavour'' which is a yellow. Hope that helps
  2. Having watched it on sky, Grabban makes a clear movement that looks like a punch, yes he is in a headlock of sorts but that doesn''t excuse his actions.. given the importance of the game it''s totally unacceptable behaviour from Grabban, and I hope the club throw the book at him in terms of a fine..
  3. I don''t understand why it''s not used in all leagues and cup games..worked brilliantly in the World Cup and seems to have been accepted in the premiership.
  4. My son is very good friends with a Development squad player, claims Bassong has gone out of his way to be as disruptive as possible, hence no involvement with the 1st team squad!
  5. Lafferty is a much better player for us then elmander was, would love to see him play in the number 10 position though..
  6. If there is any truth regarding the comments that Bassong made to Adams during his first team meeting last year then Bassong will never play for us again, and rightly so..
  7. Not wanting to state the obvious but I have had a look at the numbers required to be promoted from the championship from the past 10 seasons.. 1st place only requires an average of 1.73 goals per game..80 goals over 46 games is the average required, to finish second, only 1.58 per game, 73 from the 46 games! I was surprised that both figures were quite low. Points though was a different matter altogether. 1st place needs the age old stat of exactly 2 per game and 2nd 1.86 per game! All very boring I hear you say, but my point is that already with only 45 games to for us we now require 2.04 points per game to finish first and 1.77 goals per game.. History tells us that slow starts very rarely result in promotion..just frustration
  8. Ryan bennett is by far our best Centre half, for what it''s worth Russell Martin wouldn''t make my starting 11..
  9. RVW deal to St Etienne, 1.25m up front, St Etienne paying 100% of Ricky''s wages during the season long loan, they have a option of making it a permanent move for an additional 6m and we have a 20% sell on clause!! That''s quite a deal, hats off to McNally and co!
  10. 1st derby 2nd wigan 3rd fulham 4th norwich 5th bournmouth 6th ipswich 22nd millwall 23rd Rotherham 24th blackpool Lafferty city''s leading scored @ 40/1
  11. [quote user="GJP"]Whittaker''s, for example, was a better finish, sweetly struck off his weak foot. Hoolahan''s was nice but quite easy to execute.[/quote] Come on..easy to execute?! Your kidding right? Watch it again! Hate to use this term but.. If you have played the game it''s an incredibly hard technique to get right!
  12. [quote user="morty"]I wouldn''t exactly call it the pick of the goals, to be honest.[/quote] Maybe not, but the hardest to execute, great finish!
  13. I have no doubt the seb will be leaving in the next week or two, Adams clearly doesn''t rate him and in fairness after a great first season he has been really poor.. If only he was half as good as he thinks he is we wouldn''t have a problem. He was a liability at times last year, switches off at key times, forgets to follow his man and cost us goals. If he was any good he would still be at spurs.
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