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  1. skeps

    Any news on Sebastien Bassong?

    is set to join qpr, but is on the sidelines with floppy cock syndrome
  2. skeps

    Overrated players

    [quote user="Viva Marc Libbra"]Wes Hoolahan. The most overrated of overrated players.[/quote]

    are you ill
  3. skeps

    Overrated players

    all the youth, no big deal
  4. skeps

    Cameron McGeehan

    why is this guy not out at luton for the season?
  5. skeps

    hooper to reading

    season loan. adams out
  6. skeps


    better than the murphy''s put together.
  7. skeps

    Sorry Neil

    [quote user="pete"]I was prepared to give Neil some time to prove he was the answer but today if it proves anything we are in for a long hard season with little chance of success.

    The Diamond doesn''t work and the midfield played today is too lightweight. We need to play 442 with attacking wingers supporting Kyle and Lewis/Hooper.

    you are a clit away from a twat

    Don''t know where Wes fits into a 442.

    Need Howson to get fit and unload Redmond for the £3m to Stoke or Southampton.

    Looks like neil not the man for us but what about the Adams oriented management set up where do we go from here?[/quote]
  8. skeps


    for me after ruddy, hooper should be the first name on the teamsheet. 8 goals in a higher lge for a team not creating chances is a good return. we are now in a lower lge creating chances, a proven 20 a goal season striker.
  9. skeps


    Ipswich punishment squad, ha best thing I have ever heard, aint got a ticket but might go to to see these muppets.
  10. skeps


    howson the player who don''t score and don''t assist and has 1 good game in 10, a very overated player by many.
  11. it has to be the biggest game they have played for about 15 years,
  12. skeps


    he has to stay the best striker in the division, apart from grabban I can''t see any of the others hitting double figures.
  13. skeps

    Fer staying??

    8m plus 20% sell on. good deal