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  1. Didn''t Snodgrass have some kind of trial at Barca aswell?
  2. It''s a strange season, this year I really wouldn''t be surprised where we end up, it could be as high as 9/10th, but equally we could easily slip into those bottom 3 spots. Home form is key and we are picking up some priceless points on the road at the moment aswell. The draw at Sunderland is a bl00dy good result IMO. People saying it''s not good enough, put it this way- if you were a Sunderland fan and you have got to start picking up wins, Norwich would be one of the sides most of their fans would want to play, thinking it''d be one of their best chances of getting a win, so for us to go there and get anything is a very positive result. My final position prediction is 13th, which would be very good!
  3. I haven''t missed a game this season yet, but I still can''t work out this chant! I can make out the ''''you signed freebies and we signed Wolfswinkel'''' bit, but not the rest of it! Cheers for any help!
  4. The trouble is, I read recently that the majority of their debts are not owed to the bank, but to the owner instead, and so aslong as he is happy to keep pumping the money in, it doesn''t look like the debts will really concern them, I''d imagine he is targetting PL football in the next 2/3 years and then he can start to take some of the cash owed to him in instalments that won''t really hurt the club as much as the figure suggests, unfortunately!
  5. I was stood in Anfield last night, and after watching him miss header after header, falling on the floor and not having any positive impact on the game yet again, I got thinking. Is there something in his contract that states he has to play a certain number of games or something? I read in the paper last week that we are paying him ''''enormous'''' wages, so is there something that says he must play a certain amount of games? If not, I really don''t see how he can possibly start against WBA! Surely it''s time to try Hooper and Becchio and change it around a bit? Rather that than having Salamander again!!
  6. RVW''s goal vs Everton in the opening game of the season is the only goal a striker has scored for our club in the league from open play
  7. [quote user="Brightside"][quote user="Chip20"][quote user="Brightside"] A successful season for me would be.... Survival without having to rely other teams results. [/quote] I don''t understand this. For the terminally dim (like me) could you perhaps explain as if I were a five-year-old (to quote the great DW)? If, come the end of the season, we have secured another season in the Premiership (yay!!); how will I be able to tell whether we had to rely on other teams'' results to achieve it? Surely every team that survives only does so because at least three others failed to achieve the required results over the course of the season? [/quote] To put it simply, I meant that we should be able to achieve survival without having to rely on the results of other teams in the closing weeks of the season. i.e last season we were safe with two games to go (mathmatically we could not go down no matter what other teams did). If for example on the last week(s) of this season we have to hope a team below us loses to gauratee our safety then I would not class the season as a success. I guess I class it as achieving premier league status on our own metits without help from other teams. I do understand that over a season all results will balance out but I don''t think it''s too much to expect to be mathmatically safe in the last few weeks of a season. - Hope this is a bit clearer for you. [/quote] But technically we could be 7 points clear of 18th place, and yet still be in 17th position with 2 games to go, meaning we didn''t need to rely on other results the last couple of weeks to keep us up, or we could be 2 points clear of the bottom 3 but along with a few other sides and be sitting in 14th place, so in these 2 scenarios, you''d rather finish 17th rather than 14th? ;)
  8. Haven''t missed a game this season other than Man Utd in the cup. Really don''t know why I do it to myself!! Dreading the next one, tickets came through yesterday for Newcastle away... Why do I bother?!!?
  9. People saying they''d take Johnson out of the starting 11?!?! He was one of the best players on the park at Spurs, probably the best I can remember him playing for us! I''d go with the same that started at Spurs, unless Jacko is tired then I''d bring Morro in, who I thought did a decent job when he came on at Spurs
  10. I don''t know if this has been mentioned already, but who in God''s were those people on CC moaning about Snodgrass?? For me he looked unplayable at times and if he continues like that, I can''t wait to see what he will do for this club. I''m just amazed at how some people were criticising him, especially the guy who said he should be sent back to Leeds!! Also big positives from Bassong (bar the penalty), Garrido, Howson and Jackson, but no player had a bad game. I''m a lot more optomistic now after seeing how they canplay as a team compared to last week!!! OTBC!
  11. They haven''t received the tickets yet though so can''t process them till next week at the earliest :D
  12. I rang the ticket office this morning and the lady said they should know later in the day and would put it up on the OS as they still had to sort through a few more, but nothing has been posted, so I''ll ring again Tomorrow!
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