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  1. [quote user="Mello Yello"]Re: Whitbread on Saturday? No, mine''s a John Smith''s thanks.... [/quote]Haha!  Although you couldn''t be more wrong, give me a nice pint of Wherry any day.  I went to a beer festival in Bournemouth at the weekend hoping to ''broaden my taste buds'' and try a nice new selection of local ales...ended up all reminiscent and getting wasted on Wherry instead!
  2. Looks like this has started a bit of a debate...funny how so many people who have all watched the same game can have such different opinions!  I''d have been very surprised, given his lack of playing time, if Whitbread hadn''t have been rusty on Monday - just wondered if the mistakes shown on the highlights were typical of his whole 90 mins.  For what its worth, if Lambo decides he''s good enough for City, and Crook obviously does, than thats all that matters to me.  IMO, I would love to see him lining up alongside Askou as first choice centre backs next season.
  3. How do people rate Whitbread''s performance on Saturday?  I wasn''t at the game, but it looks like he should have done better in the run up to their goal, and again almost come unstuck towards the end of the highlights.Is this just unkind editing on the video or did he have a ''rusty'' game?  I appreciate he has had very little football all season, but it seems many have him pencilled in as first choice centre half next season and I wondered whether he disappointed a tad?
  4. So this means there''s a strong chance that as well as being the reigning Nationwide Div 1 champions, we will also be the last ever Coca Cola League 1 champions!  
  5. I''ve seen enough in his two fleeting appearances to make me wonder why we''d never heard of him before, and why he''s not been snapped up by a club like ours before.  Plenty of clubs could have taken a punt on him without too much financial risk, maybe Lambert/scouting team just believed in their judgement a bit more?  As far as I know there wasn''t competition to sign him.Perhaps he''s had a couple of blinders by his standard so far, but I think he could turn out to be pretty good.  Wonder what it means for Cody Mac though?
  6. Seconded, that + great performane = best saturday afternoon for a long long time!
  7. Hi all!  This is my first post, thought I may as well join in the fun!  Last season was my first as a season ticket holder, travelled up to home games from Southampton every other Sat, 10 hours on the train (first 5 full of hope and optimism, second 5 wishing I hadn''t bothered!).Still if I could afford it this season I''d have done it all again.  Although its probably for the best, I''m beginning to think I''m a bad luck charm...the only home game I''ve seen this season was the Col U game!I''ll stay at home with my KFC (same every week!) and listen to Canaries World, it''s done the trick so far!
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