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  1. The franchise need to disappear as quickly as possible - when you are in the same division as them or drawn against them in a cup then you have to play them , however this time we have chosen to play the franchise in a friendly and even if I was not away on holiday , I would never give them my money . The way they acquired a league place was criminally wrong and no football fan should ever treat the franchise with anything other than total contempt MK should have done what Aldershot , Fleetwood and AFC Wimbledon  have done , start at the very bottom and get to the league by events on the pitch ,Wimbledon may well have died had they not been forcibly moved , but there are plenty of Conference clubs who would have taken their place It was one of the worst decisions that the FA have made  Franchise FC are a total abomination and the history belongs to Wimbledon -at least Franchise have accepted this - even if they do still refuse to drop the Dons part of their name  We should not be playing a friendly against this mob      be eI
  2. It seems to be one thing after another at the moment - car parking( notice is now operated by NCFC ) , concession season tickets , charge for open days ( are we having one this year ? ) - Programmes will no doubt go up this year , casual prices through the roof - the club needs to be careful , there is business like then there is cavalier
  3. seems a bit heavy handed to me - all season tickets last year were different colours depending on the bracket you were in - my 2 kids renewed in March - U12 paid in full at the time , 17 year old on d/d ( payments started in March / April ) so they have had the details of my two for this season since March , plus last season and the season before - they werre members before then - they got birthday cards etc - I live in Norwich and it was hard enough getting to the ground for me , let alone someone who lives away - it annoyed me that we had to do this - If someone is conning the system it is easy enough to root them out without having the genuine ones fall under suspicion
  4. And the price of our STs will double at least. Just get used to it. Bet you would find that we won;t have 20,000 plus season ticket holders if they did - £ 50 for an hour and a half is ridiculous - me , my 18 year old and my 11 year old - £ 100 before we do anything else - can;t ever afford or justify that
  5. Scottish season starts in July , Championship on 6 august So that last game will be a foreign team - possibly Italian or another Spanish team as their seasons start later than most - Won;t be German - season already started
  6. There are a few players at Cambridge who are from Norwich and Norfolk , both in and on the fringe of the first team - the thing is at Championship level there are not many players who come through from the youth ranks , even less in the Premier league - so I suspect a lot of academy players at Norwich get turned away then show up again lower down , look at Bloomfield at Wycombe for one example - we even turned down Zamora when he was younger
  7. [quote user="Big Slob"]Gary the reason there''s huckerby''s and a Gunn in the team is probably because they''re good? Gunn has played for his age at England level[/quote] I accept they are good players , but are they better than a lot of boys at the same age playing in local teams , I have seen them play and there are players who are just as good , who are not playing for NCFC , it certainly helps when you have the right surname
  8. [quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="Armchair Follower"]I''ve also found Trevor Painter,Ron Hansell and Russell Laskey from Norwich. Expanding the search to Norfolk gives us Maurice Norman from Mulbarton, Clive Payne from Aylsham, Trevor Howard from Kings Lynn, Dave Stringer from Gt Yarmouth and Dale Gordon from Caister. There were more local lads in the early years of the club, but I doubt that people really travelled that far to be a poorly paid footballer in those days. Is the lack of Norwich born players down to lack of talent or deficencies in scouting?[/quote] I doubt it''s deficiencies in scouting armchair. Or poor coaching. Social scientists will probably come up with many theories but I have never seen anything that makes much sense to me. [/quote] Norwich only has about 6 Development Centres that feed into the academy system , Cambridge have 16 - I appreciate that half our area is in the sea , but I suggest that the reason is that we have just worked to the theory that because we are NCFC and the main team in Norfolk , people will want to play for us , rather than the - lets go and get them approach
  9. [quote user="Gingerpele"]Armchair follower. I think scouting isn''t an issue with local football, for a start, have you seen how much FITC do? There are loads of courses/days they do, from ages 2-16 (and possibly higher). And i would hope/assume that some of the Sunday league football is watched by NCFC in some way or another.[/quote] My son plays under 11 football in Norwich and is in the Cambridge PDC in Thetford , he has a season ticket at carrow Road , he has been on lots of holiday courses and plays for his school , I have never seen any scouts at any match he has ever played - Cambridge offered him a trial and took him on , Norwich seems a closed shop and if you know the right people you get in - look at the names Huckerby and Gunn in the squads
  10. [quote user="Muddy funster"]Really really good to watch that again thanks CR. If you put that game with the Sutton Utd game Roasario looks like a football genius! I''d love to see the Millwall v Norwich game (2-3 I believe) where Fleck gets a last minute cracker. Was it for his hattrick?[/quote] the other two goals were from Butterworth and Bowen in the first ten minutes , they got back to 2 -2 at half time and pummelled us in the second half - Gunn had a stormer , and we broke away for Flecky to score in the last minute for the win , Saint or Greavesie was the co commentator and gave MOM to Hurlock - to get out alive presumably Great game
  11. Lowestoft are about three levles higher than the new Lynn - the crowds they both get are 750 ish , Half of the Lowestoft team played for lynn previously , Lowestoft is also in Suffolk - so for me Lynn every time are bigger and should have the relationship with NCFC and the fans - I can see Lowestoft doing exactly what Lynn did and crashing down when wages etc mount up
  12. Centre Halfs Barnett - just missed 4 games through suspension Ward - injured Whitbread - excellent , but returning from injury Nelson - good defender but not a good enough footballer Askou - lambert does not rate him I can see Dion;s point
  13. any abandoned game is always replayed in full , any bookings or sendings off are counted but any suspensions will not include the abandoned game as a match where a suspension is served - Droylsden got kicked out of the FA cup for fieldinga suspended player a couple of years ago - He was not banned for the original games , not banned for a game that was abandoned , but suspended for the subsequent match
  14. [quote user="s10_yellow"][quote user="gary "]can I ask what your connection is to Leeds , as for anybody from Norwich to support a team they have no connection with seems strange , why did you not support your local team[/quote]He stated at the start of the thread that older generations of his family are from Yorkshire. Don''t think you can really criticise him for that - at least he''s a real fan who goes to games, not some Yarmouth Man Utd plastic.[/quote]apologies had not noticed that
  15. can I ask what your connection is to Leeds , as for anybody from Norwich to support a team they have no connection with seems strange , why did you not support your local team
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