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  1. Ruddy Naughton De Laet Barnett Tierney Bennett Johnson Hoolahan Pilkington Morison Vaughn
  2. Ruddy Naughton De Laet Barnett Tierney Bennett Johnson Hoolahan Pilkington Morison Vaughn
  3. I dont post on here to often im a barclay lower season ticket holder n looking to get an away season ticket next season n im absolutly extactic about promition n cant stop gettin emoutional about it OTBC!!!!
  4. Hope you enjoy the game CTID Ticket still available pm me
  5. I agree he makes some great saves and seems to playing well away from home given all the clean sheets where keeping so I just wondered what peoples thoughts where to the form at home. I don''t wanna be shot down its only oppinion! lol
  6. I just thought he look stranded for the first one maybe his positioning could have been better. The second one was a point blank header which no keeper would have saved. Its not just me everyone around me has the same opinion. On the other side we definitely missed Drury and Ward last night and maybe with them back on Saturday we will look more solid at the back.
  7. Now I know I don''t post on here very often but I do read every day. I''m a season ticket holder and have been to all but the Swansea game this season and unfortunately due to money no away games although tend to do more than 10 a season. I just feel that every home game Ruddy is always good for a mistake even last night the first goal he could have done better on. It seems as if hes better away but I wouldn''t know as haven''t been. Is he getting nervous in front of the home crowd and would it be worth throwing Rudd in who had a good game against Barnsley when he was called upon and for me has never done anything wrong when asked to step up to the plate. just wondered what peoples thoughts are?
  8. Spurs for me. Always loved watching them play and have been to the lane a fair few times.
  9. I cant believe we dint beat dereham by atleast 8-0 what aload of rubbish sack the whole squad lambert all the backroom staff the board and everyone who works at carrow road and lets start again with the under 12s!!
  10. All gone a bit quiet just wondered if anyone had any mews on the outcome?
  11. i picked the shirt up this morning n if u cant c the lines u must be blind!lol
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