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  1. TIL 1010 I have seen you on this forum for pretty much as long as I can remember - I think I joined about 2004. So I can reasonably assume that you're at least 18 years old. Some might suggest that this post is the folly of youth, but I can guarantee there are more mature teenagers out there. Be ashamed of yourself here, young man, because this is a new low.
  2. Has SexyBennett ever got any scoop that wasn't widely known elsewhere? I'm not jealous that they've not accepted my follow request at all, of course...
  3. Is this thread title the post-Brexit sequel to Pulp's 'Sorted for E's and Wizz'?
  4. Didn't we try this like 10 or 15 years ago? Was a lovely site but not enough of us went over there and it died a swift death. It may even have been you who set it up, @Feedthewolf? Or I'm just imagining things... What? Who said that? Those pesky voices again...
  5. Also, great video, obviously, and thoroughly enjoyed seeing that pic at the bottom of your stairs again 🤣
  6. Don't get too excited, Chicken, my experience is that everyone in Norfolk somehow knows him... You could play a fairly decent game of Six Degrees of Feedthewolf 😜
  7. https://www.canaries.co.uk/News/2021/august/tzolis-announcement Did not see this one coming, love how such things fly under the radar...
  8. Never one to miss an opportunity to advertise to the roughly three people who use this section of the forum... Have a passion for all things geeky and nerdy? Enjoy listening to podcasts? Fancy hearing four idiots talking toot and making cheap **** gags? Then you're in luck my friend! Check us out here... (as with all fledgling podcasts, maybe start from episode 5 😉) https://anchor.fm/tpgttg
  9. Roll up, roll up, get your Mark Lawrenson Norwich City Bingo Card right here. Yours to cut out and keep.
  10. He's absolutely right about his quotes being taken out of context, but it's worth pointing out that TNC simply repeated the tweet put out by the Newcastle Chronicle. His ire should be directed at them. It should also actually say something about the mentality of Newcastle fans in general at the moment. Yes it's great to want to win every game but they're a long, long way from being the force they once were. Lovely ambishun from the fans and all, but a young talent playing in a poor team (and, as revealed the same interview, playing with long Covid) shouldn't be subjected to their vitriol because the fans can't accept they're now no better than a Crystal Palace...
  11. Ah man, absolutely terrible news. Its already been said many time, but Lapp's sense of humour and fun are one of the things that made this board what it is today. He will be greatly missed. Thoughts with his family and friends. RIP Lappinitup
  12. Would wipe my behind on rags like that. It can't even make up its mind whether Billing has turned down a move or we've not met the asking price. Can't be both. Mind you I wouldn't be fussed either way, personally.
  13. Strikers and CBs are notoriously the most difficult position to sign quality players for. Certainly the most expensive, potentially. And with the Euros having just finished there's not much been going on in that area across the board. I wouldn't worry yet, in Webber and Farke we trust. Could see one of them being a loan, but needs to be at least equal to the options we already have there. Don't really fancy another Patrick Roberts type yoof with potential as we've already got that in Idah and Omabamadele.
  14. Must be a replacement for Tettey. He was the nicest midfielder ever.
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