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  1. crowey66

    Goal celebration music....

    Is there anyone here like me who is completely embarrassed by our tune that is played when we score.I would love it if it was changed to "Just cant get enough".So much so that im going to twitter Mr McNally and ask him to change it.

    It cant be just me that hates that bloody tune.

    Good idea or bad?
  2. crowey66

    Canaries ban male fans.

    just watched a clip on you tube.Some good lookers in the crowd.Got to say that it wasa MASSIVE decision by the Turkish FA.Dont think it will ever stop the men fighting in the future though.
  3. crowey66

    group 3 for Man Utd

    has anyone from group 3 heard if they''ve got tickets for man u yet.
  4. crowey66

    Canaries with blinkers !!!


    Not the most intelligent or articulate reply you will see but the most deserving.

    Thanks then.
  5. crowey66

    Mk dons....

    anyone know how many tickets have been sold so far.
  6. I saw it mate,what i could make of it was the stoke lot were baying the Norwich lad to have a fight one on one with one of the younger lads.Most of the stoke lot were in their late 30''s by the looks of them.Tossers need to act their age.The lad should have just walked away,he was never going to win that fight.
  7. crowey66


    any one know when it is?
  8. two words.crap journalism.
  9. crowey66

    Sky dates

    [quote user="Ncfc26"]To be announced at 11am[/quote]

    You absolute diamond,been waiting ages for the dates so i can book leave.Cheers matey.
  10. crowey66

    Our Great County

    The things i love about Norfolk.First,the never ending skies,you can keep your hills and mountians.They are nice but they just get in the way of those beautiful skies.The accent,if your''e ever abroad and you here that accent it turns your head and makes you smile.The fish and chips.

    The one thing I hate is the bloody long journeys.
  11. crowey66

    Away kit

    got to be white
  12. 4 or 5 ridiculous referee decisions that will cost us points.
  13. crowey66

    SKY TV DATES....

    Does anyone know when Sky publish their tv schedual,cant book any a/l till thats out.
  14. glad i got mine in 1986.

    Smug mode.