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  1. Seems to fit the profile to me..... Scottish Cheap Plop - let''s see if the forum automatically edits that!
  2. Seems to fit the profile to me........ Scottish Cheap Sh1te
  3. 8/10. Got Q9 wrong and I got the Trevor Putney question wrong? I said it was Trevor Putney, but it told me that was wrong and the correct answer was.....Trevor Putney. So 9/10
  4. And given one of our worst ever players a year''s contract. On the BBC website
  5. His goal scoring record is also comparable to RVW and Elmander, for a fraction of the wages. Get him signed up!!!!!!
  6. A tinpot club with narrow minded ideas. This has Delia''s MO all over it. We will never move on with ambition with her.
  7. [quote user="Jenkins"]I''m coming round to the Malky idea, I think he will pretty much fit what the board are looking for in our current situation. I would be very very surprised if the fans failed to unite behind him, very surprised indeed.[/quote]   You mean cheap, middle of the road yes man?  He is no better than Hughton and would therefore not be an improvement IMO.   Personally, I would not like to see him here as manager.
  8. Gianfranco Zola; plays with an attacking set-up, but I''m not sure if he''s a bit of a long ball merchant.  But then Pulis was seen as that.........   At least with Zola, we''d have the sort of manager that could attract a better quality of player.  Let''s face it, if you''re a player and have a choice to play for a team managed by Zola, or one by Adams, which do you choose???
  9. [quote user="Pabs"]I doubt they have the money. I personally think Howson will stay and be made captain, but if he goes I think it would be to a Villa, or maybe one of the promoted clubs.[/quote]   I''ve thought that Howson should be made Captain for a while.  Was at Leeds when he was just 19, I think.   He is the sort of player the club should be doing all they can to keep and then build around him.   Will shine in the Championship.
  10. [quote user="morty"]Lineker is a jug eared, crisp eating, goal hanging, Olympic grade bell-end. FACT! [/quote] Couldn''t agree more
  11. With both teams needing just one point to send Norwich (all but) down, you think?   Wake up and accept the ineveitable, my friend.  We''re down.
  12. FAO Jenkins - ooh ooh Terry out injured????? Him and Cech????? New tena lady required
  13. Bloody predictive text. Instant Hughton should read in that Hughton. Oops
  14. [quote user="Jenkins"]Ask Norma, I bet she has[/quote] Jenkins, to suggest I need tena lady implies you consider me an incontinent pant wetter? Aren''t the pant wetters those who come on here thinking "ooh ooh Cech out, might get more than nil points"? That doesn''t make me a pant wetter then does it? I have merely injected a dose of realism to those who are pathetically clutching at every straw they can, closing their eyes to what seems an inevitable outcome this season due to the Board''s inability to spot the obvious some months ago, instant Hughton was at best inept. You''re not Hughton are you? No can''t be. Not clever enough
  15. [quote user="Jenkins"]Tenna lady for Norma, extra thick![/quote] That''s a grown up response. I have one for you : KN0B
  16. Ha ha. I just said to a fellow pink un poster that there would be a thread about Cechs injury and how that might improve our chances Sunday week! Wake up. It doesn''t matter who plays in goal for Chelsea that day. It doesn''t improve our chances one bit. Here''s a load of straws; go on, clutch at them.
  17. I couldn''t agree more Jimmy. At least he will put his body on the line in attempting to block goalbound shots, unlike Bassong who flicks out a limp leg in his attempts, as per Saturday. Turner you know will give 100% commitment for the duration of the game and I think him and yobo could be the preferred partnership for the rest of the season.
  18. [quote user="FenwayFrank"]The keyboard warriors on here at the moment are doing my head in.[/quote] Then don''t look
  19. Perhaps I should paraphrase................ Hughton, Do the right thing and feck off. Never come back you clueless pr1ck and take those clowns dumb and dumber with you. Much better!!!
  20. I hope that you read this forum and the comments made by readers of the evening news underneath the article on last night''s game. If you do, then perhaps you will realise that the Hughton in brigade are no longer the majority. They are the minority I respect you as a person, you are complimentary to those around you, especially the opposition. But as a manager you have lost the respect and the backing of a growing number of supporters. Your tactics in the last couple of games have nearly paid dividends, but last night wasn''t the first time you have made a tactical fau pas in your substitutions. And your unwavering faith in Snodgrass is unbelievable. Chris, you can re-earn some of that lost respect by admitting that you have taken the team as far as they can go with you in charge, especially in the final third of the field by tending your resignation immediately and take Messrs Calderwood and Trollope with you, as quite frankly I''m at a loss to understand what they contribute. Yours hopefully, A very disgruntled supporter
  21. Whelan and Johnson . Wow that''s a midfield pairing to strike fear into the opponents. If it happens, the clamour for Hughton''s head will increase
  22. Glenn Hoddle. Tactical genius. Been out of the game for a while but respected throughout the game
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