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  1. Do any of the accountants on here know why the details talk about deducting tax, in effect making the withholding tax payment to HMRC, and not therefore using the UK to UK exemption to pay interest gross like banks and building societies etc now do? I presume that many who apply won''t get enough interest in total to take them over the current tax free allowance anyway. Also I don''t see anywhere that it says whether the promotion bonus is taxable?
  2. A fan who sits near the directors box is adamant that Paul Lambert was sitting near Delia for the Watford game. I had no reason to doubt him but would have thought by now the story would have made it onto social media or EDP/Pinkun at very least. Especially as there seemed to be an exceptionally large number of telephoto lenses pointing in that direction just before kick off. Anyone else aware of this?
  3. had to change our travel plans so now have 2 coach tickets spare, collect from Blofield for £40 the pair. PM me for details.
  4. As I read it from 6pm Saturday season ticket holders will form an online queue for their preferred seating area along with priority members who may only have joined tomorrow. Charming!!! was it that difficult to allow season ticket holders and longer serving priority members at least 24 hours to get their seats? As a matter of interest for those aged between 60 and 65, I see that if Ipswich get to the final their over 60s will get half price tickets, whereas only our over 65s will qualify.!!
  5. Anyone know when this is to be this year? as far as I can see the leaflet that came with the season ticket details didn''t make any reference to it, or did I miss it?
  6. Does anyone know where this prediction engine has gone? Not been seen since just after Saturdays results.
  7. Anyone know? presumably 93 day loan period is up. As none of the central defending pairings have been good enough surely a large slice of humble pie is needed to give him a try with Bennett or ano ?
  8. Did anyone else feel this was a bit harsh? I thought it at the time and now having seen the replay Martin started a run about 8 yards behind Cuellar and on his blind side, Cuellar is a bit slow but takes his left leg back to kick the ball at which point Martin nips in front of him with his outstretched right which Cuellar sweeps away in completing the kick. OK can see why a ref would give it in the real time of the game, but having started to kick the ball it would have been very difficult for Cuellar to pull out of it. For me it was at worst a 50:50 falling into the category of seen them given but also seen them not given. What was disappointing was that the Sky guys didnt give any consideration to where Martin had come from and the speed at which he arrived - if you see where Cuellar is looking I don''t think he even saw Martin coming round the back.
  9. With Odlidja signing wonder whether this will be a hopefully successful one given that so many of our foreign signings haven''t been. Just wonder who the popular vote would be for our most successful foreign signing - Aage Hareide anyone?
  10. in Adams interview here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aufn17Zf9_c&feature=youtu.be he appears to start to say we went for Jerome when we couldn''t get H..... and quickly corrects himself, but his statement doesn''t make sense if its confined to Jerome, so who was it??
  11. Absolutely ridiculous, it''s half what Suarez got for racially abusing Evra.
  12. Does anyone know whether he is actually back and training with us now? He didn''t feature tonight but will he be in contention for Saturday?
  13. My son in law is a west ham fan and intends buying my 6 year old grandson a west ham shirt for his birthday. He says he can''t afford the shorts and socks and wants me to buy them. What should I do? Do you think green shorts would look ok with a west ham top?
  14. Disappointing that we have reached a watershed where the board have lost a lot of credibility and now insult our intelligence - does anyone really believe that on balance the best person from the whole of Western Europe is our very own youth team coach - come on now for goodness sake, it must be a pretty bizarre set of criteria for that to be the end result. Having said that, the only difference between Neil Adams, Malky Mackay and Neil Lennon is that the latter two have shown some level of achievement, its not that long ago that they were in the situation that Neil Adams now finds himself. Only time will tell if this appointment is inspired or a disaster, but whatever it''s disappointing that we cannot be told a more truthful version of events..
  15. Is it really that surprising? Surely some off what Delia said was "complex" could, just could, have been something to do with who would and wouldn''t be happy to work with a "technical director". We understand why the manger cannot in future be entrusted with record levels of spending and all the other paraphernalia that shifts the focus from "winning matches" to quote McNally, so consequently there was always going to be reluctance by many so called eligible candidates, to work in that regime. Not surprising then that Adams is the man Whois happy to take the job, question is, who will the tech director be????? No bookies odds on that one!
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