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  1. If he gets a game in the cup then hopefully Miquel gives Adams something to think about. Or I hope Hooiveld was just having an off day. Wes certainly had an off day. Credit to Adams for taking him off at half time. He kept inviting needless pressure onto us by giving the ball away.
  2. If Miquel is fit then I''d rather we give him a go at centre back and keep Martin at RB. He was excellent was pushing forward in the second half today. Perhaps Miquel will get a game against Shrewsbury. But I''d rather have Martin at centre back and Whitaker at right back than play Hooiveld.
  3. Sorry, meant I''d rather Martin play centrally than this guy. I know Bennett is still out.
  4. I''d rather Bennett. Haven''t seen anything of Miquel to know if he''d be better.
  5. Really didn''t fill me with confidence today. In fact I thought he was poor. Looks slow, and doesn''t read the game well. A rather average Donaldson was made to look a much better player because of who was marking him. I''d rather see someone else alongside Turner against Blackpool.
  6. That pairing would be slow. But they''ve played together before, I think, so that''s a plus. Bennett certainly deserves a chance alongside Turner first though
  7. Now for a win on Saturday. Maybe Jerome could be the new McKenzie!?
  8. He''s learning on the job and doing it well. Here''s hoping for another step forward on Saturday :)
  9. Usual crowd popping up tonight to criticise anyone wanting to discuss matters. Same old shite about being negative etc etc
  10. Johnny that''s not the part they used on Sky. He was much worse composed and less articulate. Again, I''m not criticising him. It''s just evident that he has been told to keep his mouth shut. But when Fer is off having a medical the horse has bolted and he just looked a bit unnecessary.
  11. Hopefully Cuellar''s arrival will be the catalyst for Martin to be moved to right-back. I''d rather him there than Whitaker.
  12. Flecky / Splat - learn to read before throwing insults around. Six-fingered simpletons.
  13. Once more I shall stress that I only posted this as an interesting anecdote, not because I''m criticising Neil. I''m one of a minority on here who was happy when he was appointed.
  14. He''s doing a great job. Clearly he''s been told to be more media savvy. Guess he''s used to talking too much on Radio Norfolk.
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